Oligospermia Natural Treatments And Increase Sperm Count Naturally
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Many infertile men are obsessed about their low sperm count - and this seems to become the central concern in their lives.

Remember that the real question the man with a fruitfulness difficulty is asking is not: What is my sperm count or what is my motility?

But - are my sperm capable of working or not? Can I have a baby with my sperm? Since the purpose of the sperm is to fertilize the egg, the only direct way of answer this question is by actually doing IVF for test fertilization.

This is, of way too expensive and unfeasible for most people which is why the other sperm occupation tests have been devised.

The major dilemma with all these tests, however, is that they are all indirect --- there is no very good association between test results, pregnancy rates, and fertilization in vitro for the person patient.

This is why contribution a prognosis for the human being patient based on an aberration in the sperm test result is so not easy, and why we find that unlike doctors give such widely varying interpretation based on the same sperm report.

Causes of Oligospermia

  1. High fever
  2. High temperatures
  3. Certain drugs
  4. Certain poisons
  5. Certain hormonal conditions
  6. Certain severe illnesses
  7. Smoking
  8. Excessive alcohol
  9. Recreational drug use

Treatment of Oligospermia

The treatment is completely free of any side effects.

Medicine is effective in 95% in sperm abnormalities i.e. Low Sperm count, Low Motility, Low Semen Quantity and irregular Sperm Cell Morphology.

It is the fastest among all treatment. It raises sperm count fourfold with every month’s treatment till optimum count. So with low sperm count like 3 million per ml. to normal count of 40 million per ml. can be achieve within two months of treatment.

The lowest count which can be helped is 1 lace per ml or 0.1 million per ml. below, this the result may be variable.

8 Ways you can Increase Your Sperm Count

  1. Have sex & masturbate less often - the more times you exclaim, the less dense your semen will be. Maintain a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations.

  2. Refrain from habits like smoking, alcohol consumption etc. - Alcohol affect your liver function, which, in turn, causes a dramatic rise in estrogen levels. Even two drinks a day will have long-term effects on sperm production

  3. Exercise regularly. Exercising your PC muscle can help you shoot further than ever before.

  4. Eat Nutritious Food – Diet that's low in fat, and high in protein, vegetables, and whole grains is good for your health and for your sperm. Avoid bitter, astringent and spicy foods. Reduce caffeine intake

  5. Avoid heat of testicles - Wear loose, cotton boxer shorts, Avoid hot baths and saunas

  6. Lose any excess weight, which tends to cause testosterone/estrogen imbalance.

  7. Reduce stress levels by knowledge relaxation techniques - Keep your mind and body fit by regular live out of YOGA and MEDITATION.

  8. Massage body with herbal oil, which improves blood circulation.

Home Remedies for Oligospermia

  1. Practice yoga and meditation to be stress free

  2. Try to exercise regularly

  3. Try to maintain a three day gap between two consecutive ejaculations to remain fertile

  4. Avoid bitter, spicy and acidic foods

  5. Avoid tight underpants to provide an ambient climate for the testicles Have a good massage therapy with herbal oils to improve blood circulation

  6. Loose excess weight

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