“Om Shanti Om” - A Film On Reincarnation
Rekha • onEntertainment 11 years ago • 2 min read

Bollywood filmmaker Farah Khan’s latest “Om Shanti Om” has made great hit on box office. Farah credits superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s shirtless song-and-dance sequences for the successful opening of film.

“Om Shanti Om” - a film on reincarnation, had tough battle with “Saawariya” – a film on unrequited love, by top Bollywood filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

“The entire credit for film’s success goes to Shah Rukh. He’s the film’s main attraction and the shirtless song is definitely one of the main reasons for film’s hit. It is the scene to watch out for,” said director Farah Khan.

Shah Rukh had undergone hard training sessions to develop a six-pack for “the bare-chested act” that made the song “Dard-E-Disco” to reach top of charts across TV channels and FM radios stations.

“I have made many girls and women happy by showing Shah Rukh in a very different way,” she said. “He has a huge audience base and everyone I’m sure loves the way he has pulled it off. He had to train a lot for the scene and he is looking very good.”

On the other side, critics say Main Hoon Na surpasses Om Shanti Om. Farah has tackled the most successful subject of reincarnation that has been done for so many times. Om Shanti Om is a visually extraordinary film, particularly in first half for 1970s film sets, but sometimes it lacks the intensity and power of subject.

The film begins promising, with Shah Rukh Khan aiming to become the next Rishi Kapoor and the brilliant entrance of magnetic Deepika Padukone. Farah has handled the tension between Deepika and her cruel husband (Arjun Rampal) with good maturity. The bonding between Shah Rukh and his mom and his aspirations to one day become a superstar is very emotional.

Most of second half is taken by light and playful 31 stars song. The romance and intimacy between Deepika and Shah Rukh is nowhere to be found. Deepika has made remarkable debut. She acted very well. Arjun Rampal masterfully fills the malevolent nature of his character. The supporting cast is also good.



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