Only Few People Are In Favor Of Seperate T State But Not All
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

Sri Krishna angers Telangana leaders

The Sri Krishna panel angered the Telangana leaders. The main point of contention is a statement made by the Sri Krishna panel member Duggal who suggested that not all 100% of the Telangana people are in favor of separate Telangana but only few.

During the consultations with the Telangana Congress leaders, Mr. Duggal is reported to have said not all the people appeared to be favouring a separate State.

Recalling a representation submitted by INTUC national president G. Sanjiva Reddy, MP, who wanted the status quo to continue, Mr. Duggal is learnt to have questioned the Congress delegation's claims on total support to separate Telangana.

Embarrassed by the query, Congress leaders MP Ponnam Prabhakar, MLA R. Damodar Reddy explained that Mr. Sanjiva Reddy, though born in Telangana, had never stayed in the region.



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