Over Masturbation Causes And Effects And Solution To Avoid The Habit Of Masturbation
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Masturbation is a great way to experiment and learn about your specific needs and responses to sexual pleasure, and can help you have a healthy and fulfilling sex life. Learn how to use masturbation to enhance your sex life by following these simple steps.

Masturbation is the fondling of one’s own genitals in order to achieve sexual pleasure. Simply touching, stroking, squeezing, rubbing or brushing the genitals – the penis and testicles in males and the vulva, labia and vagina in females – gives a person pleasure and is termed under masturbation.

Masturbation usually ends with a similar climax as is observed in a real sexual encounter. Males ejaculate at the end of the masturbation session, while females receive similar orgasmic pleasures.

Some experts maintain that over masturbation can lead to a person’s obsession about his own penis, which may interfere in the day-to-day life of the person. The person may become so much maniacal about masturbating that even in the midst of some work, the man may take a quick ‘toilet break’.

This is a psychological behavior and therapy might be needed to cure it. Men obsessed with over masturbation could reject their social life just in order to be able to enjoy the pleasures of masturbating in private. In extreme cases, this could occur in marriages, leading to divorces.

Some men who are unhappy with their sexual life also resort to over masturbation as a way of relieving their sexual tensions. Over masturbation is also prevalent in boys who are just beginning to learn about their sexuality. Boys who grow up in a sheltered and introverted kind of family atmosphere might become more obsessed with their own genitals. Hence over masturbation could indicate a deep-rooted trauma in the past of the man, or some fault in the upbringing like overtly strict parents.

One must know what masturbation achieves for the male body before trying to understand the benefits of over masturbation, if there are any. Masturbation is quite a normal male activity, and it is even healthy in some respects. Men produce sperms in their testicles, which are stored in the coiled tube known as epididymis.

At the same time the Cowper’s gland produces the pre-ejaculate fluid. When a man reaches his climax, the sperm from the epididymis mixes with the pre-ejaculate fluid and is ejected out of the penis in the form of seminal discharge or semen. The normal human male body continuously produces both sperm and pre-ejaculates. If there is no sexual activity, then the semen has to be eliminated from the body to make place for newly formed one.

How to Have a Better Sex Life: -

  1. Communication is essential. You must be able to openly and honestly express what you like/desire with your partner and vice versa. If you cannot do this, then you will not receive what you want. Have an open and non judging mindset.

  2. Engage in Foreplay. It is helpful in relaxing both partners and encouraging a more inviting atmosphere. Take your time and kiss, caress erogenous zones of the body such as the neck near the jaw, the collar bone, arms, and thighs.

  3. Engage in intercourse. Continue with various elements of foreplay, like kissing and caressing various parts of the body. Pay attention to your partners body language, you will know from their responses what they like without having to say

  4. Take your time. You are not diffusing a bomb. Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. It is impossible if you are overly determined.

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