Over Masturbation Treatment And How To Get Rid Of Masturbation
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The main problems are of mental imbalances. Both men and women who masturbate too frequently will develop an addiction-like attraction for the habit. They will not be able to spend a single day without masturbation, and will probably want to have a go at it whenever they can afford.

The result is that, the person is not able to focus on work, which naturally suffers. Over masturbation can also make a person sluggish in society, a slow learner and a person who is so wrapped up in his/her addiction for masturbation that he/she does not show any kind of progress.

Effect of Masturbation

Emotional and Social Effects: -

Though not a disorder itself, obsessive masturbation can be a symptom of sexual addiction, a compulsive disorder. Sexual addiction can have other more dangerous behaviors, including high-risk sexual activity. In younger men and women, masturbation becomes an issue when it is performed in public or risky areas, or if over-masturbation begins to interfere with school or healthy social relationships, as this may be a signal of real or perceived emotional deprivation.

Negative Side Effects: -

Medical community concurs that there are no negative physical side effects however some people may develop guilt from the act due to their religious and/or cultural background. Also, compulsive masturbation may be a symptom of an obsessive/compulsive disorder if it interferes with a person's daily life.

Sexual Effects: -

Men who over-masturbate often have problems with premature ejaculation. Further, compulsive masturbation may be offensive to your sexual partner, as it may be seen as a substitute for seeming unsatisfactory intercourse. Frequent sexual activity masturbation or intercourse also creates a surplus of sex hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain.

How to Masturbate

Find an appropriate place anywhere you can be alone for an extended period of time.This would usually be at home when no one else is just about. Lock the door and make sure you won't be interrupted.Use lubrication. This will make it much easier to pleasure yourself. Petroleum jelly and skin lotion work well.Turn on an adult video or look at a pornographic periodical if you'd like.A lot of men use this to create a daydream while they masturbate.If you've got a vivid imagination, just picture the belongings that turn you on.

Treatment of Over Masturbation

Western medicine says moderate masturbation will detriment one's health, and semen is a little protein plus a good deal water, it counts for little to the body.

This evil theory is really harmful. It misleads youthful guys lose the vigilance to masturbation, it entices them to try, and get into the habit finally, the childish guys could not restrain masturbation, and pace onto the dead way of behind Jing, Qi and Shen. Masturbation will harm one's body and spirit badly, what masturbation consumed is not only some protein and water, but also the essential matter of life - Jing.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Over Masturbation

  1. Butea superba is a plant establish in Thailand. Butea herb is worn by middle aged and older Thai men as a tonic and for sexual enhancement.

  2. I have not approach slantwise any studies that butea superba cream or capsules guide to breast enlargement.

  3. You will find this herb extra to aphrodisiac herbal crop for sexual enhancement purposes.

  4. Butea superba is an herb dweller to Thailand, consideration by locals to be an aphrodisiac.

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