Pakistan Off The Hook By US As Far As Terror Goes
Rekha • onInformation 10 years ago • 2 min read

Pakistan is off the hook on terrorism. The US Congress is no longer linking a $1.5 billion dollar aid package to Islamabad preventing terror strikes against India.

The US also dropped a condition requiring President Obama to certify every year that Pakistan was cooperating on terrorism.

And that's not all. There are other clouds on the Indo-US horizon. Washington would like India to thin out its forces on the Line of Control to reassure Pakistan. On Monday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hinted that Washington would try and get Delhi and Islamabad to resume talking

"We hope there can be a resumption of discussions between the two countries that will perhaps give a little more confidence to each," she stated.

India says talking to Pakistan is not the issue as there have already been five rounds of the composite dialogue, but terrorism is an issue and dialogue cannot go on when terror strikes are being planned and executed.

Former foreign secretary, Shashank says, "For us it is important to somehow engage America so that India's points are taken fully on board in reference to South Asia."

For now India has refrained from commenting on the action of the US Congress, preferring to look at the big picture where for the first time Pakistan is taking on the Taliban, however, halfheartedly it maybe.



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