Pakistan's Road To Glory ( For Cricket )
Rekha • onGeneral 10 years ago • 2 min read

You are one of those people in India....who will celebrate when India wins and will curse when they loose..Indian citizens are very emotional towards cricket ..even i am .. no doubt...but why to run away from reality...., There are 11 recognized teams across the world.... Not every team meant to be on No 1 position for 10 years...right?

Did you watch the matches when we were in New zealand few months back, How we were playing, Indian team was looking un beatable, Yuvi, Raina, Pathan, Gambhir, Everybody were hitting sixes like anything, Its the same team Man.Only thing is we still have the power but intent was not there to while they were playing in world cup, Last 2 years Indians have played the most number of matches compared to all other countries, We played IPL, Offcourse body needs some rest, But on a particular day its the BAT and BOWL synchronization , which matters the most..

Yeah I agree Indian team have became plumy and fatty (every one), Offcourse that is the main concern and reason thats why they were not able to field well and also not able to give 100% on the field.Look this was the same time which brought world cup last time and had won several series outside India.So keep it cool. A LOSE is atmost important as a WIN, otherwise you will never know what are your mistakes and you will never introspect that my approach is wrong somewhere..Isn't it?

So Keep it cool...We are in 3rd postion in ICC ranking currently, Hope to reach at 2. Be optimistic ....thats the strength of Indians.



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