Palatial Delights Of Jaisalmer
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The hotels in Jaisalmer are known for their grandeur and charm. In spite of the fact that there are hotels for tourists of all budget, but the experience one can savour in the palace hotels of the city in unmatched. Visit this heritage city of Rajasthan and experience the quintessential charm that still resonates in the walls of these palace hotels.

These palace hotels are a world in their own as they equipped with every modern amenity and infused with international class comfort facilities. The most popular palace hotel in Jaisalmer is the Fort Rajwada. Claiming to be a popular haven of the Rajput kings, the hotel boasts of maintaining the grandeur and offering the best of Rajasthani culture and heritage. Having its own restaurant, the hotel also serves as an excellent venue for business events and offers a hotel of recreational facilities.

Another popular palace hotel is the heritage palace hotel called Gorbandh palace, which is known for its intricately carved interiors and hospitable staff. The hotel is located very close to the airport and houses 64 deluxe and 3 special suites. Besides offering hi fi technologies for demanding business travelers, the hotels also offer some of the most relaxing recreational activities like safaris, puppetry show and even musical programmes.

The Jaisal Castle in Jaisalmer is also a popular haveli where in tourists can enjoy the authentic and traditional Rajasthani cuisine along with a well stocked bar. The main highlight of this five storied high castle is the room that is elaborately adorned with murals. The hotel also has a travel help desk through which tourists can arrange for various tour plans and safaris.

Among all the Jaislamer hotels in Rajasthan, the Monsoon Palace holds a significant position. Situated inside the Jaisalmer Fort, this hotel is believed to be 600 years old and highlights various ornamental decorations. At just a price of Rs 2695 for double occupancy, this palace hotel is best for those who want to stay amidst the living legends of the bygone era.

Some other respected names in the segment of palace hotel are – Shreenath Palace, Jawahar Niwas Palace and Victoria Hotel.

Besides the palace hotels there are many three star and budget hotels as well in Jaisalmer. Though not as wonderful as the palace hotels but they offer great comfort and are impressive in their own way. These hotels are best of those who are on a vacation with family or also those who are a little tight on budget.

Enjoy a stay in the palace hotels in Jaisalmer and enjoy the splendor and majesty of the true Rajputana king.

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