Patch Sony Ericsson Phone To Improve On The Features
Cute Girl • onIt & Systems 9 years ago • 4 min read

Before you apply these plz read the basic to tutorial (click here) to break in to the phone and then restore it. so I'll only talk about the procedure to apply and remove the patches.

1) procedure to apply patches

step1: break into ur phone by loading breaker firmware via XS++

Follow till step3 and complete this step from the link given link: remove-security-prompts-on-se-phones

step2: now get into far manager and doublt click on FLASH on the left hand side. be in this folder only! DO NOT SINGLE OR DOUBLE CLICK ON MEMORY!!!! this is imp!

step3: drag the .vkp patch file from the right hand side in far (ur hdd) to the FLASH folder on the left (in phone).

step4: Y

ou'll be presented wid a dialog box which says: Flash. Make sure u does not get a size mismatch error. IF U GET A SIZE MISMATCH ERROR OR ANY ERROR THEN BACK OUT. THE PATCH FILE IS CORRUPT AND IT'LL KILL UR PHONE. U'LL HAFTA FLASH THE MAIN, FS AND CUSTOMISATION AGAIN TO GET UR PHONE BACK!!!

in the dialog box, make sure the radio button on "Process Vkp script" is selected and the "Remove Patch" is NOT selected to apply the patch. the hex address ($4xxxxx - xxxxx) may vary from phone to phone. so dun bother abt it unless u get any error in which case u shud back out and NOT apply the patch! do not touch any other option. then select "Flash"

step5: some versions of far and some models of phone may give a warning saying the part u are flashing contains EROM. unless u get any other warning or error other than this press "Yes" to flash!

step6: it'll apply the patch and give an all ok, dialog box. click "Close" to close it.

step7: back out and exit far manager. disconnect and replace the battery after few secs.

step8: now follow the procedure of unloading the breaker firmware. (follow step 5 from the above given link)

thats it you've successfully patched ur phone and intro'd some changes!

2) procedure to remove patches:

follow all the steps till Step 4. in the dialog box that u get here, instead of letting the the "Remove patch" option unchecked, CHECK IT now. do not touch any other option and select "Flash" follow from step5 as it is to remove the particular patch.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! be sure not to delete the .vkp patch u've downloaded coz at a later time if u feel u need to remove the patch u'll need the .vkp patch for its removal. store it at a safe place. also note that patches are model as well as firmware specific, which means a patch designed for k750i r1db firmware won't work wid a w700i wid r1db firmware or even, a patch designed for w700i r1ca firmware won't work wid a w700i wid r1db firmware. so be very careful here! !!!IMPORTANT!!!

i'm uploading some of the patches here. u can download and apply them haf fun modding ur SE phone, cheers here are the patches: w800 r1bc firmware:

w300 r9a firmware:

w550 r4cb firmware:

k750 r1ca firmware:

w700 r1ca firmware:

w800 r1l firmware:

w700 r1db firmware:

w810 r4ea firmware:

note: even tho i've taken care to segregate the patches depending on the model and firmware version plz make sure the .vkp patch inside the .zip/.rar file is specific to ur model and firmware version. double check before patching.

also most of the patch names are self explanatory. if anyone wants any help regarding what the patch doesn, please post the name of the .vkp patch, model and firmware version. i'll give info abt what the patch does

as of now i cud only test w700i r1ca blue battery colour and different fonts for sms/clock etc. i liked the battery mod but the alternative font size is too small so i've unpatched it.



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