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We the young in order for a more perfect kiss enable to hug... To promote the popularity of Love not to kiss who you please but to please who you kiss.


If you Love someone, show them and say so


If a kiss is the language of Love... Then we have a lot to talk about


Kiss on the ear is "I'm Horny" Kiss on the cheek is "We're Friends" Kiss on the hand is "I Adore You" Kiss on the shoulder is "I Want You" Kiss on the lips is "I Love You" Kiss on everywhere else is "Let's get Busy" Holding hands is "We Can Learn To Love Each Other" A wink is "Let's Get It On" Slap on the butt is "Watch Out" Playing with the ear is "I Can't Live Without You" Arms around the waist is "I Love You To Much To Let Go" Pulling hair on head is "Tell Me You Love Me" Looking into each other's eyes is "Let's Get Romantic" Holding onto a thigh is "Don't Let Go"


If you are kissing someone, close your eyes, it's not nice to stare.

Remember to send everyone you know a card at least once a week. Why wait for Valentines or a birthday?



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