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When you think of smell, the first thought that comes to mind is food and flower. However, have you ever thought of what makes the opposite sex get attracted to you? What is it that drives you away from people while in a swarming train or bus? It could be their sense of dressing, or maybe the shoes worn by them or could it be their body odour?

You would never want your arm pits to smell of sweat and eventually be rejected by people around you.

Perfumes have over the years known to be a great way not only to smell good in the company of people, but the various fragrances available add a touch of seduction as well.

It is easy to notice that you would always get attracted towards your man or woman if they smell good. It’s more of a correlation that the mixture of fragrances in a perfume more or less equals to that of the chemistry between a man and a lady or maybe even the same sex. The kind of perfume worn displays the character and personality of an individual. The complexity involved with creating the perfect smell for you makes you feel very confident about yourself and at the same time sexy as well.

Interestingly there is a lot of scientific interference to derive whether the perfume smelt is sexy or not. Once you smell a perfume, you cannot gauge how good it smells right away. The smell captured by your nose is sent into a part your brain which then interprets the smell and sends across a signal for you to identify how good or sexy the perfume is.

Today, how you smell more or less plays an important role in how far you can go in attracting your man or woman. If you smell good, there is a strong chance of you drawing the perfect man or woman’s mind. The way you smell also plays a critical role in the opposite sex remembering you for a while.

The beauty of a great perfume is that even after you finish smelling it, your brain could function in such a manner depending on your like or dislike, the smell could keep coming back to tickle your nostrils regularly.

If you ever want to get out of your smelly body, then it’s important you choose the right perfume. Today, there are several perfumes for men with all kinds of fragrances, but it is important to choose the right one. If you are a man, then anything with musk or spice fragrance will drive the women around you crazy. If you wear something that’s more of the lemon freshness, then you are conveying a message to the woman that you are trustworthy.

For women, some of the best flavours to have men dancing to your tunes are anything that is fruity, floral or even musk. The ideal way is to apply little touches of your perfume on various parts of the body.

Just like the Chanel saying goes- Apply Perfume where you would like to be kissed.

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