Piles Causes And Yoga And Home Remedy Treatment For Piles Cure
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Piles or Hemorrhoids are basically swollen tissue in the rectum or on the anus. The cause of the swollen tissue is blood vessels engorged with blood under the tissue. We do not fully understand why this occurs but it is far more common than most people think. A number of factors are thought to cause piles, from lifestyle, age, diet and genetics. Some people are more prone to the condition. Some people will have hemorrhoids but have no symptoms. Some will report pain or bleeding when they go to the toilet.

Home Remedy treatment for Piles Cure

  1. You can soak yourself from the tub with warm water several times a day for few minutes. This can help to reduce the inflammation caused by the swelling of tissues on the rectum.
  2. You can also apply witch hazel to your piles using a cotton compress. Rub it to the affected area for few minutes for better result.
  3. It is important for you to always keep the affected area of the anus clean and make sure that you will not do anything that can irritate the affected area. You can pat the affected area using a toilet paper after relieving yourself is always recommended to make sure that the area is free from dirt.
  1. One of the most effective ways to get rid of piles easily and to prevent piles from reoccurring is to drink plenty of water. Eight to ten glasses of water or more is recommended for piles sufferers. You can also drink other forms of liquid except from water to ease the discomfort whenever you need to pass your stool.
  2. You may also use an ice pack to temporarily ease the pain cause by your piles. Make sure that the ice pack is wrapped in a clean cloth so you can tolerate the cold.
  3. One product that can help you take away piles is the use of petroleum jelly, it can ease the discomfort that you feel and take away the disorder easily and naturally without any medications. This is one of the most neglect ways of piles cure, but this product is very effective.

Yoga for Piles Treatment

Yoga for Piles treatment can be done in the convenience of one’s own home. Some of the yoga asanas for piles are:-

Sarvanga Asana( Candle Pose): Lie down on your back. Keep your feet together and let your hands be by your side. Put pressure on your hands and raise your legs slowly to an angle of 90°. Then raise your spine to the same angle. Keep this position for 10 seconds. Then slowly lower your body to the ground and rest. Repeat this four times.

Matsya Asana( Fish Pose): Lie on your back and keep your hands at your side. Bend your knees completely. With the help of your head, hands and legs, raise your chest. Keep this position in place for about 30 seconds and then release it. Practice this four times in a day. You can also practice this position without bending your knee.

Some other asanas are Shirsha Asana( Headstand), Chakrasana (Wheel Pose), Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend pose), Sarvanga Asana(The Shoulder stand), Tada Asana (The Mountain Pose), Padahasta Asana(Hand to Foot Pose), Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation), Pavanamukta Asana (The Wind Releasing Pose), and Pranayama (Breathing Control). As you can see, piles and yoga go hand in hand.

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