Pleasant And Healthy Sexual Life
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Although today much of the knowledge to reach the majority of the population, yet we find, in addition to defects in a repressive education in certain traditions that inhibit the expression of sexuality, a lack of appreciation of our sex life.

A day to day common in cities of our routine as fast, in which no time for food, elimination, sleep and sex. We do not usually remember that sex takes time.

The sexuality of each person is unique. Each one can brew your own eroticism regardless of their partner.

Sex is not born knowing how to, learn from your body!

One of the biggest causes of sexual problems in misinformation and lack of knowledge of the body. If you do not know how to react to sexual stimulation, which parts of me are more sensitive to touch, how can I get more pleasure from myself and a partner? Seek expert guidance! At some point in their intimacy, browse your body, look in the mirror, and compare the points of your body that cause you more pleasurable sensations. To teach a partner to give you satisfaction, you need to teach you. There is no shame in learning something. Generally the process of discovery and learning in itself is quite an aphrodisiac.

If you start a sexual relationship soon longing for the ultimate pleasure, it is very likely to be, sooner or later, some form of frustration, your and your partner. The routine reigns! The goal is to be the end, not the middle. In sex, things do not work that way. Orgasm is the crowning of a sexual relationship, very desirable, necessary, but not essential at all times. Sometimes, try to gratify your partner give you a good feeling, to extend the most of his climax. Please allow this time delay to the next meeting. It is undoubtedly an important spice to rescue the desire in a couple.

Search sex in situations prohibited and risk is a two-way street. We know that the fear of light intensity may stimulate sexual desire. However, what is the limit of exposure to a risk, and under what circumstances we should interrupt sexual activity to suffer no damage?

You do not know the answer! The Fantasy is a safe and effective substitute for the person who needs to risk and prohibitions to stimulate sexually. Fantasy along with your partner, create stories, there are no limits to their dreams. But get involved sexually with security. The use of condom and some other contraceptive method is of vital importance to prevent the damage. It does not cause unnecessary anxiety which is enough to come spontaneously.

You can even divide, share your feelings, but never lose sight of that sex life is your responsibility, and only their own prejudices. It is quite common to see couples who come to the office seeking to blame their spouses for their failures and sexual dissatisfaction.

Two of the most frequent causes of sexual problems are the lack of education and sexual orientation to the adolescent and young adult and the presence of repression of eroticism individual. People tend to hide their sexuality, taking a whirl of chores.

At maturity, many doubts have been resolved, experiments have already been evaluated and the opportunity to rediscover itself becomes viable. It's just more mature in age that we reevaluate our own concepts and values, taking on new paths and abandoning the outdated.

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