Please Reduce The Contacts Through Orkut
Sunny • onDid You Know 12 years ago • 1 min read

Today in Mumbai Mirror Daily, it is written that so many terrorists and under world people has got connecting through orkut. Like Davood Ibrahim, Chotta Shakkil, many people are getting new man power through Orkut only. The IB has started their investigations. So please reduce the contacts through Orkut.

It is usual that we receive friend request from unknown people. But if you actually do not know that person it is good to reject that request. Because if one terrorist is found by Police, his entire friend's list will be carefully followed. And if you are there, you also will be in trouble.

So be careful! Also forward it to all your friends. This information is true. It is written in the front page of Mumbai Mirror Daily.

You may be thinking that why these people adding so many friends through orkut. It is simply because to mislead the Police. When they(Police) get a huge friend list they will be concentrating on them. They may be innocent people. At that time the real terrorists can escape. So friends, please forward this information to all you know.



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