PM Says That He Understood The Problems Of Dividing AP
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PM Says That He Understood The Problems of Dividing AP

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh day promised a decision by tomorrow to "bring everything in order" in Andhra Pradesh where two regions have witnessed protests on the Telangana issue, a senior MP has claimed.

"He (PM) said that he understands that it is a grave situation. He said he is sitting with his colleagues and by tomorrow a decision could be taken to bring everything in order," Congress MP K S Rao told reporters.

He was briefing the press on a meeting of a delegation of 10 MPs from coastal Andhra Pradesh and Rayalseema regions which met the PM and expressed reservations over the decision to move forward on the creation of separate Telangana.

"We met the Prime Minister and explained to him that the situation in Andhra Pradesh is going out of control day by day. A stage may come when even if the government wants to control the situation, it may not be possible. We explained the situation to the Prime Minister and requested him to make some announcement to bring solace to the people", he said.

Rao said, "We told the Prime Minister that we do not want any division of the state...He understood our position. In a surcharged atmosphere, this is not a situation to think about Telangana."

The delegation, at the same time, told Singh that they were not asking for closing the Telengana issue but want a consensus on it after the atmosphere "cools down," Rao, MP from Eluru in West Godavari district. "He (PM) said that is the way", Rao added.



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