"Poem Of Love"
Sunny • on 13 years ago • 3 min read

I give to you
a world filled
with the joys that
togetherness brings

I give to you
the light that
my love makes
in your heart

I give to you
my heart because
you make me
who I am

I give to you
My true love
these things that
make up all that I am
There are many things I want to be
To make you happy and glad
And if you’ll let me, I’ll be them all
And give you the life you’ve never had

Let me be your angel
So I can chase away your fears
I’ll conquer your demons and fight your monsters
And when they’re gone I’ll dry your tears

Let me be your sunlight
So I can brighten up your day
I’ll warm your heart and make you smile
And you’ll laugh and dance and play

Let me be your quiet time
So I can calm your restless soul
I’ll comfort you and give you hope
And make you feel whole

Let me be your lullaby
So I can sing you to sleep each night
I’ll give you wonderful magical dreams
And make everything in the world seem right

Let me be your lover
So I can hold you close and say
I’ll love you forever, you’re the girl of my dreams
And I’ll never stop feeling this way

There are many things I want to be
To make you happy and glad
But above all else, just let me be yours
And give you the life you’ve never had
  My heart rejoices over you
My heart calls out your name
My heart smiles at every thought of you
My heart permanently dwells in your garden

Yes,your garden so lovely & heavenly
The angels rejoices over this
The angels celebrates my love for you
The angels help nurture my seed of love
A seed that will last a lovetime

Sometimes,I wonder & ponder
How did it ever come to this
My thoughts are completely lost to you
But then does it matter at all
Nah,for I shall always be happy & love the day I met you.

You are very Special
In all ways most kind
My love for you grows
I hope you will find
It's just because.

Each time I'm with you
It's hard to let you go
As I whisper good-bye
I walk away very slow
It's just because.

As I look into your eyes
In any weather or season
Your smiles warm my heart
There's a special reason
It's just because.

Each time we are together
In every place we've been
Whispers of love grow deep
I must repeat once again
It's just because.


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