Poison Oak Natural Home Remedies That You Ought To Know
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Allergies to poison ivy and poison oak are affecting more than half of the population of United States. Some people only have mild symptoms, while others might even require hospitalization. The itching that is experienced when exposed to poison oak or poison ivy is very uncomfortable and many would do anything to get rid of it.

There are a lot of home remedies for poison oak that you can use. A simple search online will provide endless results, but when using home remedies you also need to be cautious. The point is to obtain relief from the itching and the rash, so don't apply on your skin any substance that might worsen the irritation.

Home remedies for poison oak are not actually curing this condition, but are making the itching bearable. Calamine lotion is effective and the powder that remains on your skin after applying it prevents your clothing from sticking on your blisters. It should be used around four times a day in order to see results and when the oozing stops, you should also stop using it.

Oatmeal is one of the most well-known home remedies for poison oak. The oatmeal needs to be boiled in water, but don't apply it on the skin while it's still hot. The mixture needs to be kept on the affected areas until it hardens. If you are looking for immediate relief and you have no calamine lotion at hand, use cold water compresses and stay in front of a fan. The sensation of the water that evaporates diminishes the itching.

Other home remedies for poison oak include herbs. Jewelweed is as effective as cortisone creams in alleviating the symptoms. If you don't have it in your garden, to use fresh juice, you can buy powder. The leaves of black nightshade are also effective if applied on the affected areas of the skin. This is not the case though with deadly black nightshade, so take care with this aspect.

None of the home remedies for poison oak will help you feel better if you scratch your rash. Make an effort to stop scratching and take cold showers whenever you feel that you can’t stand the itches anymore. Don't make hot showers because you might worsen your condition and only wash your skin with soap after you rinsed it with water. This way you will remove the toxic substances that are causing the allergy and you won't spread them on other skin areas with the soap.

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