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So you are an auto freak and plan to visit an auto show for kicks.

But, you are confused about which one to pick when all the shows offer a plethora of autos and deals for the grabs. Here’s a list of some of the more popular annual and bi-annual shows, from across the world.

Paris auto show

Paris is a city of fashion, and what's hot in the City of Lights is hot everywhere. And when it comes to putting up a motor show, they do the best job in the world. Started on September 30th, thousands were thronging the exhibition centre of Porte de Versailles in Paris for a close view of some thousand-odd cars from over 400 exhibitors, of which more than 50 were the world premiers.

This show is the first major international event of the new auto season, and the 2007 model year is packed with a ton of new releases; model upgrades; and weird, wonderful, and world-saving concepts. Leading the list of notable world premieres is Audi's R8 sportscar.

Frankfurt auto show

The Frankfurt Motor Show is one of the largest and most important international auto shows in Europe. Although it occurs annually, it alternates between passenger vehicles one year and commercial vehicles the next. Thus, the Frankfurt auto show swaps positions with the bi-annual Paris International Motor Show as Europe's most important auto show. This year's show, the 61st, featured approximately 1,000 companies, from parts manufacturers such as Bosch and Alpine, to well-known carmakers such as Audi, BMW, and Mazda.

The Frankfurt auto show is generally dominated by German manufacturers. Companies such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche typically use the Frankfurt Motor Show as their launch pad for new models. If there's one thing that distinguishes the Frankfurt Motor Show from the other international auto shows, it's the sheer size of its displays. Spread out over roughly 10 halls, walking the show floor means putting in at least a few good miles. It takes 10 minutes just to get from one hall to another, and once you're in them they have so many cars on display you can spend hours in each one.

Detroit auto show

If it's new and hot, you'll see it at the Detroit auto show. Detroit's annual auto show is a love-it and hate-it event. It happens during the peak winters, that is, in the earliest days of a New Year. But enthusiasts and industry majors can’t afford to miss the North American International Auto Show because like no other show, Detroit puts a huge variety of hardware on display - much of it never seen before. This year it was held from Jan.8 to Jan.11.

In 2006, the motor vehicle industry unveiled over 60 new models only at the NAIAS. The economic impact of the 2006 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is projected to increase by 3 percent from last year, reaching between $580 and $600 million. Now, the next year, that is, NAIAS 2007 is scheduled for January 7 through Jan. 21, 2007. Auto enthusiasts must look forward to mesmerizing themselves with hotter and newer cars on display.

Los Angeles auto show

Though auto shows at Detroit, Frankfurt and Tokyo celebrate the car with prodigiously elaborate dreams of automotive possibility, the Los Angeles auto show is the place where the dreams change in to reality. Los Angeles is rightly regarded as the epicenter of the automotive world.

Los Angeles has the most diverse collection of automobiles on earth, people not only aspire for the luxury but they have the money too to possess more than one well built car. Los Angeles is the place where the car is appreciated for utility, performance and beauty. Detroit, Frankfurt and Tokyo build cars, but Los Angeles buys cars.

LA has no less than 15 different car brands and it has nearly 20 car manufacturers’ design studios all around the world. If you think of Detroit as the heart of the auto industry, then Los Angeles has become its soul. The huge Los Angeles Auto Show took place between July 20 and July 30 ‘2006. Some new British models from Land Rover, Jaguar, and Vauxhall made their debut, but one of the most exciting new cars was the long-awaited BMW M6 convertible.

Tokyo Motor show

The Tokyo Motor Show takes place every two years, alternating with the commercial vehicle show. There is a huge variety of new designs, predominantly from Japanese manufacturers, ranging from new production cars to some of the most unusual concept cars at every Tokyo show, because of obvious reasons. Last year, cars from Audi to Toyota were on display.

The manufacturers revealed new external designs as well as hybrid power train concepts at the show. Tokyo Auto Show was full of eco-green concepts because of obvious rising fuel costs. Hydrogen, hybrid, fuel cell, and diesel technology permeated the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show in concept cars like the Honda FCX, the Mazda Senku, the Mercedes-Benz Hygenius, the Subaru B5-TPH, the VW EcoRacer, and the Lexus LF-Sh. Now, as per the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA), the incredible Tokyo motor show will take place in 2007 with a complete new avatar.

Geneva Motor show

With its first show in 1905, the Geneva Auto Show has more than 100 years of history. Its location in Switzerland represents neutral ground for automakers from around the world to show off new models and concepts.

The Geneva show isn't focused on any one particular area but covers the entire automotive industry, with production cars, design previews, and accessories. Held in March, the first day of the show saw a good mix of four-wheeled fun: concept cars, sports cars and sedans, race cars old and new, and a whole host of production machines both wild and mild. There were all the interesting cars on display like the Dodge Hornet concept, the Nissan Terranaut concept, and the Ferrari 599 GTB.

New York auto show

It generally comes a few months after major car shows in Detroit and Chicago, so there isn’t much to be left over for New York. The New York Auto Show plays hosts new-model launches and significant model updates.

This year the highly anticipated next-generation Audi TT made an appearance, as did the completely new Acura RDX small SUV. Other SUVs and crossovers included Mitsubishi's Outlander and Mazda's XL7 and SX4. Luxury sedans showed up in the Lincoln MKS and Mercedes-Benz's redesigned E-Class. And Lexus showed off the most powerful hybrid yet, its LS 600h. Now, the North American International Show (NAIAS) has launched an all new website to assist NAIAS enthusiasts, media and exhibitors in finding updated information on the upcoming NAIAS 2007.

Chicago auto show

The Windy City is home to one of the fastest growing auto shows in the country, and the constantly expanding McCormick Place is ready to handle each and every hot new vehicle the manufacturers bring with them. This year, just twenty new models debuted on February 8 and 9.

Few of them were the new Lexus ES350, Toyota Tundra, Dodge Caliber SRT4, and more. It's the closest thing that North America has to a Geneva show - a celebration of world premieres and concept cars that takes place on essentially neutral ground. Highlights included the concept-to-reality Toyota FJ Cruiser, monster Dodge Mega Cab Ram and Mercedes twin-turbo S-Class. If that's not enough to whet your appetite, Cadillac displayed its latest DTS sedan while Buick’s new Lucerne made its debut.

Throw in a concept from Hyundai and a couple new Mercurys and you've got yourself a pretty nice post-Detroit auto show. First staged in 1901, the Chicago Auto Show is the largest auto show in North America and has been held more times than any other auto exposition on the continent. 2007 marks the 99th edition of the show scheduled from Feb. 9 to 18 ‘2007.



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