Practical IPod To Computer Transfer - How To Transfer IPod Music To Computer?
Sarah-Brown • onIt & Systems 10 years ago • 2 min read

More and more people have a iPod player, it brings much entainments for us.

As we know, iPod can not achieve the transfer between iPod and Computer. I have heard lots of people complain that. Ah, it is bother with me too. And when that time comes, i will go to Google for help. Fortunately, I got some shareware to test the functions. I select the Cucusoft iPhone/iTouch/iPod to Computer Transfer from the hundreds of the downloadable software. The biggest reason is I trust the products from the Cucusoft company. As expected, this software do not let me down. With it, I transfer my music, photos, playlists and videos from iPod to my computer successfully. Thanks god! And I feel the greatest is the simple process, three steps can finsh it:

  1. CONNECT the iPod to the computer
  2. SELECT the files you want to transfer, including musics, photos, playlists, podcats and movies on your iPod
  3. TRANSFER the selected files from iPod to Computer

When this process completed, you can view how many files you have transferred, and find them from the folder. Practice has shown the Cucusoft products is trustworthy! If you also want to find such a transfer, you can visit the website


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