Pranathi Madly In Love With Jr NTR
Shilpa • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 2 min read

Despite fast losing ground in the state politics because of his double standard on Telangana, Telugu Desam party president N Chandrababu Naidu is taking every care in not losing the grip over N T Rama Rao family.

The marriage proposal for Jr NTR was made by Naidu himself, so that the family would not slip out of his control in future even if the party plunges into doldrums. Naidu knows that there is a wide gap of 10 years in the ages of Lakshmi Pranathi and Jr NTR and yet, came out with the proposal only to ensure that the young hero would remain under his control.

The girl is said to be madly in love with Jr NTR and she had conveyed the same through her father Narne Srinivas, who happens to be husband of Naidu’s niece Mallika. Now that Jr NTR’s mother is being accepted as one of the family members of NTR, there was no objection to anybody. And Naidu saw it as an excellent opportunity to retain his hold on the family.

NTR and Pranathi

The relationship between Narne Srinivas and Naidu has already been strengthened with establishment of business links between the two families. Naidu’s son Lokesh has gained a major stake in Narne’s television channel StudioN by investing around Rs 40 crore. It will now be further strengthened with Jr NTR’s marriage with Srinivas’ daughter!



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