Pregnancy Week By Week And Effective Home Treatment For Pregnancy Problems
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Welcome! Pregnancy is a amazing and astounding experience. For each of the forty weeks of pregnancy, you'll find in order about baby's growth, the types of change that occur within mom's pregnant body, tid-bits for dads, exact info for pregnant moms of twins or more, inspirational opinion and optional reading.

These days are alienated into three stage of pregnancy: early pregnancy, mid pregnancy and late pregnancy.

The early pregnancy covers 1 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, mid-pregnancy involve 13 to 28 weeks of pregnancy and late pregnancy provide guidelines and health care in order during 29 to 40 weeks of pregnancy.

So find here in order on pregnancy week by week. On the left hand site we have provide listing of pregnancy weeks from 1 to 40.

Also each page gives information on what are the changes occur in the body of pregnant woman and her baby as well as several obliging strategy to have safe and normal pregnancy.


Headache is reassured by a warm calming bath, a massage, tension -reducing exercises (such as shoulder circling) and recreation routines.

Hot packs on the back of the neck or shoulder and cold packs on the forehead also help relieve headache for many people. Try not to use aspirin or acetaminophen or a mixture drug.

Pregnancy Symptoms

All pregnancies are diverse and, therefore, pregnancy symptom is not the same for all women. However, there are symptoms that are frequent to most women in the early stages of pregnancy.

  1. Feeling sick, not of necessity in the morning, but at any time.
  2. The breasts may turn out to be larger and tender. Veins may turn out to be prominent and nipples may darken and stand out.
  3. Increased frequency in passing urine.
  4. Tendency for constipation.
  5. Tiredness.

Treatments for Pregnancy

  1. Avoid straining at stool. It aggravates the state.
  2. In addition it increases the intra-abdominal pressure, which is not a safe thing during pregnancy.

  3. Stop artificial laxatives at once. They create a see-saw like condition, wherein the patient has alternating constipation and diarrhea.

  4. Dry figs and raisins are the most helpful home remedy for piles and to fight an improper bowel movement. They promote good peristalsis and perk up the digestive processes. They are natural laxatives, add bulk to the feces, and aid in their easy passage. Home Remedies for Pregnancy

  5. Eat frequently through the day (at least six small meals daily) that will help you avoid an empty stomach.

  6. Low blood sugar aggravate the nausea, so you should try to keep a good level all through the day, starting staring from the second you wake up.

  7. Instead of eating your foods, try to drink them, it’s easier for your body to digest a milk shake or fruit shake instead of having to chew them.

  8. Avoid foods and odors that make you feel nausea.

  9. Drink plenty of carbonated beverages, without caffeine.

  10. To relax, put a few drops of violet oil in the bathtub and enjoy the immersion.

  11. Another good home remedy for pregnancy is Taking ½ to 1 tsp of Wild yam root every day. This will help you deal your morning illness.

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