Pregnancy Weight Gain, Mystery Is Solved
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Pregnancy is a period in a woman's life when it is expected that body weight increased. Increase is due to many reasons; including the Child pounds you lost as soon as the child is born. Body weight is increased for many reasons, including the Child pounds that you lose after childbirth.

For a healthy pregnancy and child health is the optimal weight obtained from 12 to 16 pounds. Of course you can get less, it is wrong, where the weight is much higher than average. We must also consider that every woman has individual physical characteristics. The best thing for you throughout the period of high expectations accompanied by a doctor. Recommendations will be drafted based on the weight before pregnancy, medical records, health during pregnancy and child health.


Body weight in the first trimester

If you are not overly burdened by vomiting, you gain about 1.2 kg, or 10 percent of body weight gain in pregnancy. Ideal weight growth would be by the end of this period to 2 kg or 450 to 680 g per month.

Body weight in the second trimester

Over the next three months, expect 5 to 7 new kg, i.e. 50 to 60 percent of the total increase in weight. Ideal weight growth by 28 week to be 9 kg and 230 to 340 g per week.

Body weight in the third trimester

In recent months, you will probably have gained about 4 kg and 30 to 40 percent of the total body weight during this period. By the end of pregnancy it's best that the total weight of 12 kg and 340 to 450 g per week.

The total weight gained

Distributed throughout the body weight

, desirable and healthy:

• Children: Approx. 2500 to 4200 kg • Cot: approx. 700 g • Amniotic fluid: approx. 900 g • enlarged breasts approx. approximately 450 to 1350 g • Increased uterus: approx. 900 g • Fat and increased muscle mass: approx. 1800 to 3800 g • Increased volume of fluid: approx. 900 to 1350 g • Increased blood volume: approx. 1350 to 1800 g

Body weight baby

Child's weight is partially dependent on how much you have in this period reared know this is very important to the health concept. His ideal weight is between 2812 and 4173 grams, the best would be about 3,500 g. Those who are born into this 'category', are less vulnerable to death in the earliest stages, have fewer problems, both physically and mentally, illness in childhood are not burdened by very often.

Correct calorie intake during pregnancy

To achieve additional weight, you must enter the body approximately 100,000 calories. Sounds great, but they are distributed over the entire period, which lasts nine months.

Proper nutrition for you and your baby means that it does not fatten too, which is reached by six small meals a day. Your metabolism will work better this way. Start with a light breakfast at 8 hours, go to lunch at 10 pm, at the 13th medobrokom hours, lunch should be reserved for 16 hour, fruit at 18 hour and light dinner around 20 hours.

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