Pregnant Women! Choose A Stretch Mark Treatment Carefully!
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Want to become a beautiful mother without unsightly stretch marks on the skin? The answer is definitely yes! Nobody wants to have stretch marks patched on their body. Up to 70% of pregnant women suffered from stretch marks. Pregnant women have a higher chance to get stretch marks because their skin will rapidly stretch when they carry their baby. Those marks can be spread all around the body likes your thighs, arms, breasts, tummy and buttocks. So, every pregnant woman must be careful and do something to prevent stretch marks, because you might be the next victim.

"Stretch Marks Prevention" is better than cure. Stretch marks appear because of the skin stretched. Scientifically proven that the dry skin have less protection to protect the skin from stretching. All pregnant women must increase the elasticity of the skin by providing sufficient moisture to the skin. So, applying moisturizer to skin is what every pregnant woman must do.

There are many stretch marks creams the market over the counter. But, not every of stretch mark cream is suitable for pregnant women. How are you going to choose a suitable stretch marks cream? Before you choose a stretch marks cream, you must understand all the ingredients on the label. Because there are certain ingredients of stretch marks cream are very harmful to the baby. And, it might have some negative impact to the milk supply of breast feeding mother.

Natural moisturizing Ingredients: Only stretch marks cream with natural moisturizing ingredients are suitable for pregnant women and breast feeding mothers. Ingredients like cocoa butter, aloe vera, vitamin E, grape seed, squalene oil, pro-vitamin B5, germ oil, aroma oil or essential oil are naturally extracted from plants and fruits. They are safe to use for pregnant women and breast feeding mothers.

Exfoliating ingredients:
A pregnant woman must avoiding using stretch marks creams with exfoliating ingredients like alpha hydroxyl acids-AHAs , Glycolic Acids, Retin-A. Exfoliating ingredients remove the dead cells on the skin surface. The skin will peel and causes irritation on the area where you apply. U might feel itchy and make you want to scratch on it. This increases the chance of appearing stretch marks and makes the stretch marks get worse. Some of the exfoliating stretch marks cream consists of harsh chemical which is totally not safe to use for those who are pregnant and breast feeding.

Other than applying stretch marks prevention creams, there are few tips for pregnant women to avoid stretch marks. 1) Consume adequate water can help to increase the hydration of the skin. The increment of moisture contents in the skin can reduce the chance of appearing stretch marks. 2) Stop eating junk food; control your weight within 25-35 pounds which is recommended by doctor.
3) Do appropriate exercise to firm up and increase the elasticity of the skin. And, this will help to control your weight too. 4) Consume vitamin like vitamin A, E, C which are very helpful in generating healthy skin. If you are scare that you might choose an unsuitable stretch marks cream that might cause defects to you unborn baby, you may consult with your doctor or dermatologist.

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