Premature Ejaculation | Solution And Treatment For Premature Ejaculation
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Premature ejaculation creams work by making the penis to become less sensitive (hence also known as Desensitizing creams). It does work when you use it but I really hate it because it takes away your sexual pleasure. It makes your thing becomes numb and the worst part is that the cream will get on your partner too, causing her to lose sexual sensitivity as well. So it not only ruins your sexual pleasure but your partner's as well, that's why I hate using creams!


The right way to start premature ejaculation treatment is to ARM YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE. The best source of the knowledge you'll need to get started right can be found in a book written by Edward White. His book taught me that the best treatment for ejaculatory control is to re-wire your sexual command center (your brain). Most guys pick up bad habits while trying to rush the masturbation process. You know, we hurry it along to avoid getting caught with our pants down OR we just hurry it along to get right to the point. After doing this for years, it's inevitable we'd carry this over to our love life.


One way of treating PE and prolonging your ejaculation is by taking a controlled dosage of antidepressants. There are already a plethora of antidepressant drugs available in the market today, such as Prozac, Fluoxetine, and Paroxetine. Taking these drugs help to lower the sensitivity of your erogenous points and make it harder for you to climax t

Desensitizing Sprays/Lotions

A less risky way of treating your PE condition is by using specially made sexual products such as desensitizing sprays and lotions. Using these products help to make your male organ less sensitive to the touch, and hence reduces the amount of sensation you feel while having sex. This of course translates to preventing yourself from coming too quickl

Training Your Mind & Body

Bear in mind that premature ejaculation is not a disease. More often than not, PE comes about from years of habit from your younger sexual experiences (where you tend to get excited too easily during sex). So the best way to fully overturn your PE condition is simply to find out the root cause of your lack of ejaculatory control, and then applying

Masters and Johnson developed this method decades ago. During sexual intercourse, when a man senses that he is about to climax, he should immediately pull out from his partner. Then using a thumb and 2 fingers, either him or his partner has to squeeze the penis shaft. It should be a light squeeze lasting about 20 seconds after which it can then be released and the sexual act resumed. This method can be repeated as often as required during sexual intercourse. In fact, with practice, any man can train himself to gain control over his climax without the squeeze.

Let go of your worries and stressful emotions during sex. Worry causes you to disconnect from your partner and from the experience. It also increases anxiety which leads to premature ejaculation. You need to be fully relaxed and in the moment during sexual intercourse. If you cannot fully resolve any issues before sex, make a deal with yourself to release those thoughts during the action. Take some time before sex to relax your mind. You want to be mentally involved and not lost in worrying thoughts.

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