Premature Ejaculation, What You Know
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Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem that men have. It affects 30% to 40% of men.

Characterized by the lack of control by man of the moment at which it is ejaculation so that it is earlier than would the man or his companion.

How to take place early ejaculation varies depending on the case. There are cases where the ejaculation happens during the preliminary love games. Other men ejaculate during the introduction of the male organ and others very soon after penetration of the male organ.

Whatever the cause, premature ejaculation can cause problems and tension between the man and his partner. It is important to emphasize that premature ejaculation is a problem only when it occurs permanently. We know that many men can ever reach orgasm sooner than they would like.

The causes of premature ejaculation are not known with certainty. There is the suspicion that they are primarily psychological.

Some factors involved are: * Depression
* Stress and particular concerns regarding the man's performance during intercourse
* Fears of a man for a possible rejection by the partner * The fear of injury. In some men there is the unfounded fear that their penis may be injured by the penetration of the bay
* Traumatic sexual experiences in childhood
* Religious beliefs
* Stress
* Problems in the relationship of the couple

Premature ejaculation refers to a peak occurring during sexual stimulation even before you reach an orgasm. Some recent surveys have found that there are concerns about 40% ejaculations premature or early among people today. In other words, 40% of people overall would like to know how to delay my ejaculation and thus maintain an erection for a longer period.

If there are people who are unable to ejaculate for some reason, a kind of sexual dysfunction called premature ejaculation affects also some people, so that the male organ will also go loose too soon. Therefore, learning how to maintain the building would naturally imply to control ejaculation.

Many males find premature ejaculation amazing considering that it prevents sexual satisfaction, and that of their partners. Individuals targeted for the entire ejaculate to satisfy their sexual needs, as well as those of their partners, eager to learn how to keep building through the use of some effective methods. The questions are there any effective treatments or cures for premature ejaculation?

The uncontrolled ejaculation is caused by many factors; including age can possibly delaying sexual orgasm, psychosocial factors such as depression, anxiety or high levels of stress. The pressure can actually be one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction or ED. Includes knowing how to relax and remove the pressure by mixing in sexual activity.

In addition to pressure, having a trusted sexual partner could also make much of a difference on this issue. Instead of the appearance of premature ejaculation as a matter of male ego or embarrassment, one must gather the courage to debate with a partner so that each can experiment on how to maintain the erection.

It is best for each pair to develop the very techniques and learn together. After all, a great sexual relationship depends on some extent on the ability of the male partner to hold the orgasm and stay harder for a longer period.

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