Premature Graying Of Hair Causes And Treatment And Home Remedies For Premature Graying Of Hair
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As an individual gets older, the hair starts to fade and the color drains from it. The age at which this happens can be in any range. The early greying of the hair is called premature greying. It causes a young person to look much older than they really are. Females who are affected by this premature greying are more apt to take it personally than would a male of the same age.

Premature greying comes from a lack of oil gland production in the follicles of the scalp and therefore looses the nutrition they need. The use of home remedies for premature greying of hair will help to reverse and slow the process.

What Causes Premature Greying of Hair?

Early grey hair can be caused by many factors in an individuals lifestyle. The diet is the main factor in this process happening so quickly. When the body is deficient in Vitamin B, copper, iron, and iodine, the balance in the hair is thrown off key. The scalp of an individual is also changed when they are under a lot of excess worry and anxiety.

The problems cause a deficiency in the proper nutrition for the skin and hair. The marrow of the scalp becomes dry and takes the essential ingredients away from the root of the hair that causes it to stay a vibrant color. Home remedies for premature greying of hair are available for creating in the home.

Treatment of Premature Grey Hair:

In the prevention and treatment of premature greying of hair diet is of utmost importance and persons suffering from this disorder should take a diet rich in all essential nutrients. The vitamins considered useful in premature greying of hair are pantothenic acid, para-aminobenzoic acid or PABA and inositol. The minimum daily requirement of these vitamins appears to be 10 mg. of pantothenic acid, 100 gm. of para-aminobenzoic acid and 2000 mg. of inositol. To obtain satisfactory results, all three of these vitamins, belonging to B group, should be supplied at one time preferably in a form which gives all B vitamins, such as yeast, wheat germ and liver.

The three anti-greying hair vitamins can be produced in the intestinal tract by bacteria. Thus drinking a litre of yogurt daily with a tablespoon of yeast before each meal will be an excellent remedy for the prevention and treatment of premature greying of hair. If one wishes to take tablets of calcium pantothenate and paba, they should be taken in addition to the yeast and yogurt and not as a substitute for them.

Gayelord Hauser, one of the best known world nutritionists, in his book, The New Diet Does it, claims that this treatment will restore the grey hair back to its natural colour. He also advises addition of iron and iodine in the form of sea food, to an otherwise adequate diet for obtaining better results. Besides fish, which is the main source of iodine, the requirement of this mineral can be met by adequate intake of carrots, bananas and similar other vegetables and fruits. Carrots are especially useful in furnishing fresh blood and maintaining the health of the hair.

Home remedies for Premature Greying of Hair

Certain home remedies have been found useful in the prevention and treatment of premature greying of hair. The foremost among these is the use of Indian gooseberry or amla, which is a valuable hair tonic for enriching hair growth and hair pigmentation. The fruit, cut into pieces, should be dried, preferably in the shade. These pieces should be boiled in coconut oil till the solid matter become like charred dust. This darkish oil is very useful in preventing greying.

The water in which dried amla pieces are soaked overnight is also nourishing to the hair. This water should be used for the last rinse while washing the hair. Massaging the scalp With a teaspoonful of amla juice mixed with a teaspoonful of almond oil or few drops of lime juice, every night has proved beneficial in the prevention and treatment of premature greying of hair.

Liberal intake of curry leaves is considered beneficial in preventing premature greying of hair. These have the property to give vitality and strength to hair roots. New hair roots that grow are healthier with normal pigment. The leaves can be used in the form of chutney or these may be squeezed in butter-milk or lassi. When the leaves are boiled in coconut oil, the oil forms an excellent hair tonic to stimulate hair growth and bring back hair pigmentation.

The butter made from cow`s milk has the property to prevent premature greying of hair. A small roll may be taken internally and a little quantity may be massaged into the hair roots twice a week.

Ribbed gourd, known as torai, boiled in coconut oil is another effective remedy for premature greying of hair. Pieces of this vegetable should be dried in the shade. These dried pieces should be soaked in coconut oil and kept aside for three or four days. The oil should then be boiled till the solid is reduced to a blackened residue. This oil should be massaged into the scalp. It will help enrich the hair roots and restore pigment to the hair.


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