Price Of Milk To Increase
Sunny • onInformation 9 years ago • 2 min read

Who is Psychologically responsible for Price rise in food commodities ?

One Man who is incharge of Giving only statements and attending press conferences and giving hint to all the brokers and corrupt people to take advantage from his statements.

Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar on Wednesday said the price of milk would increase as there is a scarcity of milk in north India.

Last time when he made a statement on price rise , cost of each commodity kicked to a huge amount.

This is yet more bad news for the common man, who is already facing immense problems because of the price rise of several food items.

As reported, the sugar price in Delhi had dropped to Rs 48/kg in the last couple of days compared to Rs 50/kg earlier. But in other major cities, sugar price had climbed by Rs 6 to Rs 8 per kilogram.

On Tuesday, the Bharatiya Janata Party had lashed out at Pawar saying the agriculture minister had released buffer stock ahead of Maharashtra Assembly elections to bring down prices eyeing more votes.

Meanwhile, there are reports that senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani will meet Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh later in the day to lodge the BJP's protest against the rise in prices of essential commodities.



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  • Sunny 9 years ago
    Yes. we're allowing them to do so. We're not bothered about the national or public property. Not to offend you. We're becoming selfish and making them do so. We should ban those people.