Problems Of Adolescence Physical And Emotional Changes In Body
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Adolescence is the state in which one can feel in limbo, because he no longer is a boy / girl, but not an adult. Adolescence involves physical and emotional changes for the teenagers and also changes in the organization and family relationships. There are different stages in adolescence and each brings its particular peculiarities.

The most important task of adolescence is learning to be yourself and create your own identity. During the years of puberty and adolescence, you have to learn to take their own decisions, new commitments and, ultimately, gain experience and with it more independence.

At 18 he/she is considered to be adult. The teen years will allow several years of apprenticeship under the protection of the family to help you be an adult deal with security, confidence and strength.

Will be difficult for you and your parents to find the balance between dependence and independence you want. Sometimes seek help and advice from your parents, sometimes feel the need to fly free, and leave you alone. This may cause conflicts with your parents.

Some parents of teens are afraid to give too much freedom, continue to enforce its rules without dialogue ("while living under this roof ...."), speak without listening and seek to delay the day when you have full independence.

Others have no time or inclination to quarrels and fights, and leave their teens more on their own, to do pretty much whatever they want, and they have as little as possible (out of sight, out of mind).

What for you is that your parents do not reach either of these two extremes, but that does not have to strive to close the channels of communication with them and be patient at the time to explain what you do, how you feel, where go ... Adolescence is the period in the life of human beings when you have less opportunities, possibly to communicate with people of another generation (more or less), but paradoxically, the more you struggle in this sense, the more doors will open.

Adolescence is viewed very differently depending on whether you are the adolescent or if you are a parent of teenagers. To prepare this section, we talked to both groups. With teenagers experiencing apparently conflicting feelings of total anger, or excessive happiness, love or hate ... sometimes both in a matter of hours. Adolescents who do not understand why they want to "control", they want more independence, they do not understand why their parents are irritated by so much happiness, sometimes they feel they own the world, and sometimes they invade insecurity. Adolescents who are proud, or horrified, by the physical changes of puberty. Adolescents who have difficulty concentrating, they get bored easily, that challenge the establishment, be it family or school, so to challenge.

And parents sometimes feel as if they were aware of this new family member… Unaware, or unwilling to support the adolescent's desire for greater independence.

Parents, who fear losing control of the situation, fear the world of drugs and alcohol, do not share the new values of their adolescent children and need to learn how to negotiate rules that are acceptable to all involved.

We hope this section will be useful for everyone s. The articles have been contributed by adolescents, mothers, and fathers, younger brothers of teenagers, professional experts and teachers who experience the problems of adolescence and joys from one perspective or another.

By including all stakeholders, we hope to offer advice and experience to help us all cope with adolescence and why not, to enjoy it!

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