Project Management Initiatives
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A project is an endeavour which is temporary, it has a defined beginning and an end, and is undertaken to meet some goals which bring about a beneficial change. It can also be said that project management is a set of practices, principles, and technique applied to desired project and schedules of project, its cost, and manage risks to result in satisfied customers.

A business in contrast is continuous which works to produce products or services. The management of the two systems is quite different, and requires the adoption of separate management and development of distinct technical skills.

The challenge project management has to face is to achieve all desired goals and objectives while keeping in mind the constraints. Typical constraints are time, budget and scope.


oject management as a discipline takes into consideration many economic related activity. It can be used in industries like pharmaceuticals, aerospace and software. And in the public sector, an effective project management is the one which helps in keeping up with promises and achieve the target which is set that improve everyday life. In today's world the business always tries to diversify their own resource into area which bring in profit; accordingly the plans are chalked out. The risks at any step in business life mean pitfalls and dangers. To avoid the failure often these business management take the help of management consultants to put the things in place. Project management is basically avoiding pitfalls and calculating the risk and creating ways to avoid consequences. Every project shares a common goal. Following are the ideas and activities to put them in proper use. Even if the project is planned well and carried out properly still there are possibilities of encountering a danger.

The idea of managing a project is all about bringing in consistency in achieving stated targets within a certain limit of time and budget by planning and coordinating human and material resource. Project management is a way of life for successful collaboration, governance, responsibility deciding, and alignment of organizational element and defining procedures with the features of products and services. Project management technique is quite different from a normal design or engineering or technical skills usually associated with many projects, and cover aspects which are outside the scope of these technical areas that have to be managed well, if the project objectives are to be timely met. Project management also pretty much differs from a traditional management that is it brings in coordination, execution-discipline, responsiveness, and alignment of organizational elements which is cross functional and gives a better end product.

This discipline can also bring in some amazing benefits for an individual at a particular level in organizations. For example, through project management:

An executive gets timely and accurate information so that they can make effective business decisions and make course of actions quickly so they can maintain their reputation in the market.

People executing the project understand their roles and responsibilities and how they have to work as a whole with organisation. When the communication amongst employees increases the chances of the occurrence of a conflict decreases.

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Project Management


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