Proper Diet To Reduce Oligospermia
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Sending you some information about spermiogramu I hope you will help anything. I must tell you that we have the same and wait for the first interview how to proceed. Now, eager to drink and boy is zinc.

Analysis of seed or spermiogram

The analysis measured the quantity of seed and the number and quality of sperm. Spermiogram is usually one of the first investigations to determine male infertility.

How to prepare for the sample of semen


Two to seven days before the sample of semen is necessary to refrain from sexual activity, ending with ejaculation, to ensure the greatest number of sperm in the ejaculate and increase the reliability of the results of investigations. At the same time, it is desirable that men, if possible, do not avoid sexual activity for more than a week or two before the sample, for a longer period of sexual abstinence may result in reduced sperm motility. Avoid the use of alcohol also needed the day before the investigation.

Proper diet to reduce oligospermia

Vitamin B12 deficiency also plays a Role and fertility. Here's how: Intrinsic factor is a substance Necessary for the proper absorption of B12. When an aging Stomach Lining fails Tues Secret Enough intrinsic factor, a B12 deficiency results causing Serious OR pernicious Anemia. Eventually, this condition CAN Cause infertility and both men and Women. In one study, infertility pernicious Anemia Caused by WAS Shown to Be Reversible with Vitamin B12 injections.

Alcohol is a male reproductive tract toxin. Consumed and a Large Quantity Enough over a long periods of time, alcohol CAN Cause infertility.1 Fortunately, Findings from animal research Suggest that the damage alcohol Causes Tues sperm is partially reversible at Least IF Males infertile Avoid drinking alcohol from it for a “moderate "periods of time.

Alcohol is poison for the male reproductive. If Mossy in during high intake of alcohol could affect fertility. Unfortunately, tests suggest that the adverse effects of alcohol are not negligible even if a man drinks alcohol occasionally.

Vitamin C has long been Important Tues fertility. In recent years, WE Have Become Aware of the increasingly destructive Effects of Free Radicals, Which Contribute To the Development of Many disorders? Vitamin C helps protect sperm Against Free Radical damage.

Zinc is one of the most important dietary minerals that contribute to male fertility. The level of zinc in the seed plasma (the fluid in which sperm swim) is directly related to sperm mobility and lack of zinc reduces both the number of sperm and semen volume. In addition, they found that men in whose mouth no live sperm, as well as those who have low sperm counts in the seed plasma low levels of zinc.

Vitamin B - peeled grains, nuts, liver, heart, kidney, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, green vegetables, milk, eggs, peanuts, bran, mushrooms, potatoes, bananas, molasses, soy , sheep's liver, hazelnuts, almonds (with excessive cooking destroy the beneficial ingredients).

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