Prostate Problem - Symptoms Of Chronic Inflammation Of The Prostate
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What is the prostate?

Prostate is a gland found only in men, have a size and shape of the nut, almost eliminate its function secrete semen. The prostate gland located behind the bladder, close to the rectum, note that the urethra (the tube that carries urine and semen outside the body) passes through the prostate.

Increase the size of the prostate gland usually with age, and become swollen gland actually when most men over the age of fifty. This is known as the problem of benign hyperplasic prostate. It does not usually cause problems, but it may put pressure on the urethra and impede the normal flow of urine.


The causes and symptoms of enlarged prostate

Does not know exactly the real reason behind the enlarged prostate, but the doctors think that the problem is linked to hormonal changes that you get with the progress of men in the age.

In many cases, it remains just an enlarged prostate problem is more disturbing. But after the age of sixty years, suffering 50 percent of the nearly men of disturbing symptoms, including:

• Voiding the need to repeatedly, especially at night • The need for voiding immediately, any urgently • Difficulty in initiating urine stream output • Weak and intermittent stream of urine • Dribble urine after voiding • Feeling that the bladder has not emptied well • Leaching of urine (urinary incontinence) • Painful retention of urine, and this is a problem you need to emergency treatment • Increased urinary infections, including voiding frequency and urgency with burning or tingling sensation during voiding.

Symptomatic treatment

If symptoms are mild, can be adopted the following steps:

• Take all the time in voiding and emptying the bladder completely, with the need for the distribution of fluid is taken evenly throughout the day. • Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee in the evening because it increases the need for voiding. • Relax because stress increases the need for voiding. • Check with your doctor about medicines you are taking, because some medications may worsen symptoms.

Chronic congestion of the prostate is the most important reasons that lead to this type of inflammation. There are several reasons leading to congestion of the prostate gland, including alcohol and drugs and get used to conduct secret harmful habits and try to have intercourse without the desire or engage in excessive sex and masturbation. It was found that more sexual habits that are harmful to the prostate gland to try a man imprisoned semen from disembarking at the normal time and work it to show his manhood and virility.

Treatment of chronic inflammation of the prostate:

Is not a cure prostate treatment quick and easy, as it requires the treatment of this type of chronic inflammation to the patient? The treatment is to avoid constipation and moderation in the exercise of the citizenship process to prevent congestion of the prostate gland while refraining from engaging in sexual habits such as trying to bad confinement emission of semen or prolong the period of sexual intercourse more than normal time.

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