Prostrate Problem Can Cause Sexual Trouble
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As you age and cross 40 you should pay attention to the prostrate health. Studies indicate that about 75% men, who cross 50, suffer from prostrate problem in one form or the other. Regardless of its so big influence on men, many do not know that such thing even exists and what function it has to do.

When you say that a healthy prostrate ensures exciting sex life, they would ask you where does this prostrate lies, and what it does. This simple ignorance of such an important organ can usually lead many of them to several complications including sexual disorders. Let us see what prostrate is and why its health is important to ensure a normal sex life.

Prostrate is a male gland that lies between the male organ and rectum, almost at the lower end of the bladder. In men, its size changes from a grain of wheat to that of a walnut during the period of puberty to adulthood. The main function of this gland is to secrete a fluid to lubricate the canal that carries semen and urine, and to protect sperms when they come out.

When its size grows abnormally due to the usual midlife hormonal changes, it starts causing trouble in men. Moreover, men of any age can suffer from prostate inflammation and cancer, which causes the energy level to drop and decreases the quality of life, including sexual life. Moreover, loss of stamina, vigor, hair loss, impotence, etc, can be experienced by those with prostrate disorders.

If you have having symptoms like pain or burning sensation while you pass urine, inability to completely empty the bladder prompting frequent urination, difficulty to pass urine, or urine flow becomes less forceful, you have to wake up and have the prostrate checked. Moreover, if you are involved in too much sexual activities, you should also have your prostrate checked.

You should know that the commonest cause of erectile dysfunction is the damage to the nerve and arteries near the male organ; and prostrate surgery due to cancer can cause such damage that result in erectile dysfunction. If you take care of prostrate gland and keep it healthy, the rewards will be many. Not only your quality of life will not be affected, but your sexual life will also remain healthy.

If you study a bit, you can find some easy exercises to keep the prostrate healthy. Moreover, you can also try other safer means and precautions to maintain prostrate health. It is also said that having infrequent sex can also lead to prostrate disorders. In any case, do not forget that unless you control the causes, you are more likely to have your prostrate damaged.

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