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Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease with characteristic coetaneous focal lenses. These are red, different shapes and covered with silvery gray scales. The most commonly occur above the elbows, the knees and the scalp, sometimes affecting the skin all over your body, but rarely occur on the face. Treatment of psoriasis or not. Its cure is not possible. It may be only a relaxed situation will improve in so that the latent form or. Not visible in our body.

Psoriasis is reflected in the form of reddened and bright scaly areas of skin that Touch bake and skeleton.

When healthy, normal skin, the skin cells renew to one month in psoriasis, the growth and scaling cell unwind faster in a few days. As a result, load cells and the formation of red plot thickened, inflamed skin crenellated. The disease most often affects the elbows, knees, lower back area and nails.


Psoriasis or psoriasis is a chronic inflammation of the skin. Cause it is not detected, and probably develops because the immune system begins to act against its own tissues. This triggers the rapid growth and flaking skin cells. It is increasingly associated with anxiety factors such as stress. Ask yourself, when the problems started. Many times they are a major stress.

Tips for Psoriasis Cure:

Any illness should be treated and this is particularly true for chronic diseases. First aid given patient with psoriasis from your dermatologist, which is regularly attended. The disease particularly affects the psychological well-being of individuals; it is all the more welcome socializing with other patients who can assist each other with various advice and support.

Nutritional therapeutic approach to psoriasis contributes vital role of essential fatty acids contained klamatska alga, particularly important and increasingly missing omega 3 fatty acids.

Easily imagine what kind of role plays in psoriasis bowel syndrome failure to allow foreign agents (with inflammatory effect and those that affect the immune system) to penetrate into the organism. Only a combination of probiotics and quality of bacteria in NutriFlor u can totally eliminate the problem.

For everyday tasks, it is considered that the patients with psoriasis to avoid swimming baths, soaps and shampoos, which dry out your skin. It is necessary to use the bath, which further enriched by oil. In addition, comfortable clothing, priority has been given clothes, cotton, flax and silk as they breathe and do not irritate the skin. It is also important enough to rest, as fatigue and sleep deprivation can contribute to stress, which worsens the disease. It is known that existing psoriasis worse when there are infections (eg, angina), it is essential that all infections treated promptly. Care should be taken with diet, because it is considered that the patient should avoid canned food and carbonated drinks and instead enjoy the many fruits and vegetables. It remains to be avoiding excessive alcohol, smoking and injury - the use of protective equipment is recommended even where others do not apply. Free time to devote to patients with psoriasis, walk, hike or recreational play.

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