Question Why Bollywood Actors Speak In English?
pavan • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

I would like to pose this question to esteemed group members.

Bollywood movies are made in Hindi and using that language many actors and actresses have become crorepathis.

Then why do these stars speak in English in many occasions -- Filmfare awards, interviews, even in movies there is too much english etc.

Isn't it tragic they make money off Hindi but promote English? This is the trend in other languages as well. Should we not discourage it?

Please give your views. What can be done to stop this unfortunate trend. Everywhere people promote their languages - Chinese, French, Japanese. So why do Indians use and abuse their language as and when needed and give priority to English.

How long will be in this slavery mode? Isn't time we should do somebody about it?



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