Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair
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Long hair makes a woman look very feminine and sexy. At the same time, they present the maximum scope for trying out different hairstyles. You can tie a bun, get long curls, leave your hair straight or even get a good French plait. In short, the options in case of long hair are aplenty.

However, the problem with long hair is that they are not too easy to maintain and need lot of time and attention on your part. The best way to avoid this is to get a good and stylish long hair cut, which will help you, style up your tresses in a jiffy. To know about the various haircut styles for long hair, read on.

Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

  1. When it comes to most easy hairstyles, ponytail hairstyles are the right styles to create. Just comb all your hair back, and tie them into a high ponytail near the crown, secure it with a rubber band, take out some hair strands from the sides to soften your look and you are good to go. To add a pretty touch, tie a satin ribbon on the ponytail base.
  1. Here is another quick hairstyles for long hair. Style your hair wavy. Thinking, how to do this? Just use a sea salt spray on wet hair, scrunch the hair and let them dry naturally. And voila! You will have instant beach wavy hair. Then side part your hair, and scoop the hair, and secure them in a loose ponytail and place it on one shoulder for an elegant look. To accessorize easy hairstyles for long hair for school place clip-on hair pins of some pretty design on one side above the ear.

  2. Here is one of the easy hairstyles for school. Separate out the bangs, and then with the rest of the hair, make a braid and secure it with a rubber band of matching color with your dress. Then comb down the bangs, or sideways in case you have side bangs. Then place a pretty head band to add accessories to these easy hairstyles for long hair for school.

  3. Here is an easy updo for long hair idea. Style your hair wavy, and then side part your hair, then on both sides make mini French plaits, and take them back. Then scoop all the back hair and secure it into a bun. Style more with dangling earrings.

  4. Here is one simple hairstyles for long hair idea. Middle part your hair and then make a herring bone braid with your hair. If you don't know how to make a herringbone braid, then make a French plait. Then take out some strands from the sides and secure the plait with a transparent rubber band. Then place the braid on one shoulder, and tuck a floral accessory near one ear.

  5. Messy bun for long hair gives a nice carefree look, and when done properly can make you even look attractive. To style your hair into a messy bun, comb all your hair back, and secure them in a bun near the nape of the neck. To add to the messy style, take out some hair strands from the sides and near the nape of the neck. No accessories are required to add style to this bun style.

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    Very interesting. We supply products to various salons throughout the UK - to achieve the desired effect, alot of the quality lies within angle and type of hairdressers scissors used. The hairdressor is obivous, however, applying there skills effectively requires the most important tool within their armory.