Racism Or Economic Frustrations
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Hi, Just thought of sharing this mail,after seeing this mail about Australians. I am not supporting Australians, but there are some facts which people doesnt know and think in wrong way about them because of the so called "Racist" attacks happenned recently.. I don't know if the person mailed is living in Australia.

I am a student in Australia and I have been here for more than 1.5 years, and almost 6 months in Melbourne. Twice druggists ( who are from lower middle class family) came to abuse me.. and both time, Australians only saved me from such people. Here druggists attack all people, not just Indians.. Please do read the mail which was sent by one of our fellow Indians in Australia. And open your eyes for the exaggeration that has been made here..

To Every Indian,

Look Guys and Girls What ever has happened for an Indian out here in Melbourne, I am really sorry for him and his parents in India. This is not all about discrimination, u can consider this as a crime rather. when we talk about discrimination, It exists anywhere and everywhere in the world, Rich don't like poor, Whites don't like blacks, and this country is an enemy to that country and this list doesn't end there.

Say in India itself, North Indians still discriminate South Indians as Madrasi. Look the truth here is 90% of people living here are very decent, disciplined and don't interfere in anyone's business. Old people here are very polite and wish you every time they see u on road. It just few druggies and very young immature children have a racial discrimination kind of attitude.

U can find this kind of discrimination or treatment only when u use public transport at late nights. When I was casually talking to an Australian, He said " I was threatened by few Druggies when I was waiting for the public transport service at midnight". What do u call this as crime or Discrimination.

I am very sorry to say that, Indians here are very greedy, they want to earn more money, want to work extra hrs but the employers ask everyone if they have their own transport, they all nodd their heads saying yes, but finally depend on public transport. It is not feasible for the government to provide security at every bus stop and train stop. They have done their best to have surveillance cameras fixed in trams, trains and busses. Indians cultivate drinking habits here as they have all the freedom. An Indian student who was fully drunk drove his car and a person was killed last year, What do you call this as, crime or discrimination. Was there any press or Media which hyped it so much in India, I dont think so. None of the Australian channels did like wat Indian Media channels are doing. They are very well aware about the consequences and also they dont want to provoke people unnecessarily.

Every Indian come here in search of opportunity and I am sure most(80%) of them have got one for sure. I have been living here since 1.5 years, I have used public transport for 17 months and still using it, its a great convenience offered by government. I have experienced this discrimination twice, once in train and once in tram, but I was given support by co-passenger, Australian by chasing those immature kids off. I have experienced this discrimination in India as well when I was traveling from Chennai to Delhi, delhi localites once told us u madrasi guys jus move or adjust urself we want to sit here even though they did not have ny valid tickets with them. Dont u think this is a discrimination. If there was a high time discrimination in here, How come Indians are getting employment opportunities here. Indian here do two jobs and some of them do three jobs. How is that possible. To be very honest my resume was forwarded by an Australian, I was Interviewed by an Indian in presence of an Australian Manager. What u should observe here is that the manager has given opportunity to an Indian to conduct Interview here. I work under a Aussi Manager, They are very concerned about our security. I serve nearly 300-400 customers a day, I dont see them being very arrogant or showing their discrimination on me. They are very polite, if u ask them something reply back, they use "Please before every sentence".

Look What we should Understand here is that, We have come here in search of opportunity, and not to take over this country or to rule this country. It is very important that we should be under our limits, it is not that we should fold our hands when things are going wrong. But things are not as worse as media and press are hyping. Most of the Indians are doing good here. What we shd all know is that crime happens everywhere in the world, here an Indian has experienced it. We have to fight against crime not against the country or the Government. I am very sure Australian Government had already considered the event and working on that. They wouldn't have dreamnt that such an event ud take place for them to prevent it. It is much more efficient then Indian Government, they have a very efficient system and have law in their control and if the criminal is caught he would be punished for sure, not like Indian government which has let criminals if they are movie stars or politician's children. I am not against the Indian constitution by I am against the rulers of India and their methods of ruling. To all the politicians out there dont make this a political Issue there.

To Media and Press Dont provoke innocent Indian citizens. U dont know how much of panic u guys have created in everyone's house there. Our parents and relatives call us everyday to know if we are all right. They are always in front of the TV to know the updates. This is how media wants to increase their ratings. Who ever is doing this are selfish idiots playing with peoples emotions to make money.

Please dont consider this mail as I am giving my comments against India and Indians. Try not to make things worse. I am an Indian and I always respect my country India. Please open your eyes at least know. I am trying to say that our system is taking a wrong path. People are developing wrong attitude.

To all parents out there, try to tell your children living in Australia or anywhere in the world especially girls not to work late nights if they dont have their own transport to return back home after their shift.

To all the Indian living here in Australia, try to be good, do your job and enjoy your life as you are always doing, Your parents have all their hopes on you guys, so dont get into trouble.

It was good to see the Unity, but I strongly feel that the objective for the gathering was very much unclear, It was violent and against the government. A Indian guy who wanted to become a Hero in the crowed tried to rise Indian flag here, Do you think they have to tolerate such nonsense. If some Australian tries to rise Australian Flag in India, do u think v would have tolerated that.

It was very stupid, unorganized, uncontrolled and Violent and most of all ,the objective and demands were very much unclear. I am very sure who ever believe in having strong consciousness would understand this. The Media there have shown this Australian cop chucking the flag and provoked Indians unnecessarily. It is too long I understand and most of you all would have understood I hope.



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