Rajasekhar Enjoys Night With Navneet Kaur
Priyamani • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

Well before your heart starts pounding and maybe even feeling jealous of this man, let us clear the air for you. We are talking about the noted choreographer/director Amma Rajasekhar and the sex diva Navneet Kaur. They are currently the celebrity judges for a reality dance show in TV.

As part of the program, they came up with a special feature on one of the episodes and together, both Amma Rajasekhar and Navneet took part in a spicy song. The choreography was so erotic that it looked like they were making love to each other with clothes on, said the viewers.

Navneet kaur hot sexy

Though it raised few eyebrows since it was a dance reality show and even kids were watching, it sure caused a lot of heat in the halls and bedrooms of houses. Many say that the main reason for that happens to be the presence of Navneet who seems to be born only to raise the passion levels of men.


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