Rakhi Sawant Tries To Be The 'Perfect Bride' Once Again!
lovely • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

Where there is reality there is Rakhi Sawant. Apparently, Rakhi Sawant has been approached by STAR Plus for the finale. Though her role has not been finalized, it is surprising to see her on Perfect Bride when her own relationship status seems unclear.

The last time Rakhi was just a step away from being the perfect bride on another reality show, we wonder what help she can be to the would be brides on Star plus' Perfect Bride. With Rakhi's presence on the finale, the big question is will someone actually land up being the Perfect Bride or is this going to be another reality show on weddings where everything except the wedding takes place!

Will Star Plus keep up to its promise of hosting a marriage for the first time on the television screens? Well let's wait and wish all the best to the couples...

Mon to Fri - 10.30pm & Sat - Sun - 10.00pm on Star Plus



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