Reasons Of Weak Eyesight And Causes Bad Eyes
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For these people it is best not to get in touch with the elements that affect the following ways:

• To avoid pollen strict personal hygiene is required to remove one that adheres to skin and clothing. It is also useful to keep doors and windows closed in dry and windy. • The mold is reduced by removing house plants, cleaning the bathroom frequently and damp walls, and removing trash cans inside the home. • As pets, they may not stay at home or at least be outside. Dog dander or cat is in house dust and takes four weeks or more to be eliminated. • To remove the dust should be avoided fabric curtains, pillows, upholstered furniture, stuffed toys, quilts that can not be washed and carpets. The housecleaning should be regular and using a vacuum with efficient filter.



• It is a defense reaction of the body over elements (allergens) that cause no problems for most people. Among the things that trigger allergic reactions are often • In these cases, an allergic person comes into contact with an element that your body rejects (to pet a dog or cat, or smelling flowers) experienced spontaneous and uncontrollable tears almost always accompanied by frequent sneezing, runny nose and tickling nose and throat.


• This disease is characterized by increased internal fluid pressure of the eyeball; it generates irreversible damage to the optic nerve and vision loss, most often without symptoms. However, there are times when it was given some advice, as in so-called closed-angle glaucoma (CAG) and juvenile. • The GAC creates sudden attacks of increased pressure, usually in one eye, because the space between the cornea and iris, where are fluid, is narrower than usual, the episode was triggered by a dilation the pupil, often due to poor lighting, which further closes the space through which the fluids circulate. Here's a sharp pain in the eye, eyelid swelling and tearing, nausea and vomiting, so come to think that this is a digestive system disorder. • In addition, the juvenile or congenital glaucoma occurs soon after birth and can occur at any time, especially in men, through noticeable symptoms like tearing, light sensitivity, enlargement of the eyeball and corneal haze.

TV and computers

• The use of television and computer monitors is already common, but using it runs the risk of some discomfort, and epiphora. The discomfort usually decreases with the use of ophthalmic solutions and artificial tears, but you can also take preventive measures. • Thus, the monitors will be placed in places where no annoying glare received and kept his head up against these devices to avoid creating fatigue, in addition, the brightness, color and contrast should be adjusted to personal preferences regarding the brightness of the room, and the vision must rest at least a couple of minutes per hour. • Of course, the cleaning of these devices is critical, because the dust can cause eye irritation, and to hamper the proper definition of the images. • Particularly in the case of the computer, the user must be kept at a distance of 50 cm at least and it is recommended that you use screen filters or special glasses to reduce the emission of radiation. If using word processing programs, should be preferred those types and sizes of the characters that are easy to perceive.

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