Reasons Why The Andhra & Rayalaseema People Are Against Separate Telangana
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The Telangana issue is the burning issue in Andhra Pradesh. There are many reasons for their opposition but publishing the most common reasons for opposing the separate state demand of the Telangana people.

1) If the Telangana separates, the Andhra and the Rayalaseema people fear that due to the animosity the Telangana people has against the Andhra & Rayalaseema people,they would not let major portion of water to flow to the Andhra & the Rayalaseema regions. They site the example of Karnataka. Even though AP & Karnataka have an agreement, Karnataka does not even bother about it. And they do not bother even the Supreme court judgment regarding the water sharing from the Krishna river.

2) The issue of settlers in Hyderabad.The TRS activits are making statements and damaging the properties of the so called settlers. If the Telangana separates the settlers feel that the TRS activists would cause a virtual hell to these people. Lot of Andhra & Rayalaseema people invested here as Hyderabad belongs to every AP person. If Telangana separates there is a strong rumor among the settlers that these people would just do "Khabzas" of these lands.

3) The Congress would not give the Telangana for several reasons. If it gives the Telangana then KCR would become a larger than life personality and his party would be given all the credit for the T State formation thereby making his party TRS a force to reckon with in the Telangana state.

4) Even after the Telangana becomes a separate state there is no guarantee that the Andhra and the Rayalaseema would stick together feel the people in the Andhra and Rayalaseema region. There is every possibility that these two may separate too. If this happens then both the Chandrababu Naidu and also the YS Jagan's family would be restricted to just the four districts of Rayalaseema. So it does not fit into the the plans of both CBN & YS Jagan.

5) Andhra people also say that there is an ambiguity regarding the percentage of people in Telangana who actually want a separate state. They cite the example of the last assembly elections. In that elections TRS lost badly despite going to the polls with the "Separate Telangana" issue. They are now asking for a plebisite in the Telangana region on this issue.



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    those who are aginst for telangana they mad .