RegGenie - Is It Really Good?
Andrew Carmiel • onIt & Systems 9 years ago • 2 min read

RegGenie is the latest windows registry cleaner software to hit the market; in this article we are going to review this software, what are the benefits and the features. Many people argue about how well this cleaner working and what make it different from other similar cleaners on the market?

One thing that you will like from this registry cleaner is the user interface. Simply to say, it has one of the best user interfaces that you will ever see from windows cleaner software. It has a simple step-by-step feature that will allow anyone operate the software. If you can drag and click, you can operate this cleaner.

Also, the features of the cleaner are quite a lot. It will not just clean your windows registry but also it will search for many problems in your computer and fix it. There is a feature which allows it to scan the computer’s hard drive to remove any corrupt files from there. The scan features also will allow you to scan other related folders to stop any files from becoming corrupt.

It also has a “backup and restore” feature, in case you delete some important files from your hard drive, you can restore the files back with this feature. There are many more features that you will find inside the software, but the features above are the most noticeable features that you can find from this software.

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