Relationship And Depression Is Also Difficult
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Under the same roof with someone who is depressed, it is not always obvious. A depressed partner in the house requires a big adjustment and a lot of understanding. Too often the patient is overwhelmed by well-meaning but useless advice. Think of phrases like "do not let you go ',' repackaging yourself ',' there are worse things in life" and so on.

A sensible assumption is that someone who is depressed is indeed an illness. Of simulation is no question, a very deep and even depression can be profound. A partner who takes this into account, the self and his or her gender already a lot easier.


Emotional and Physical Symptoms

• Almost everyone knows the emotional symptoms of depression, but there may also be physical. Indeed many people feel pain or other symptoms they undergo. These symptoms may include the following: • Headache (who already suffered from migraine may remain on an even more severe migraine attacks expected) • Back Pain (same as for migraine) • Muscle pain (depression, any kind of hurt worse) • Pain in the chest (better straight to the doctor, because could indicate heart problems) • Exhaustion and fatigue (despite frequent sleep does not alter the fatigue, morning rise can be almost impossible) • Sleep problems (including waking early, not falling asleep, sleeping more than normal) • Change in appetite or weight (some people with depression lose appetite and weight, others are scared and thickening) • Dizzy or light-headedness

Symptoms of depression a good monitor

Many people with depression never get help, simply because the disease is not recognized as such. Many doctors also steps into the same trap. It is not easy to recognize the symptoms. Often thought that the patient is imagining these symptoms. That is certainly not the case. Ultimately, depression can lead to serious physical problems, such as the stomach.

A depression is a chemical process?

Increasingly, a depression linked to a chemical process, more specifically an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brains. Some of these chemicals may play an important role in the pain experience.

Recent research has further revealed that the pain experience 'different' is a normal experience of pain. Treatment of depression with therapy, medication or a combination of the two will eliminate the physical symptoms. Some antidepressants, including may also help fight chronic pain.

Depression with loss or illness of a child

It is not uncommon for the loss or serious illness of a child or grandchild with delay gives rise to the occurrence of depression. During the illness itself on both partners to take brave, but the blow comes after. Even months later, either - in the worst case even both - partners sink into depression.

Who with family problems in the form of illnesses or deaths faces should therefore always in form of heightened vigilance condition. Keep in mind that your partner may be difficult to digest such a dramatic event. The risk of a depression should not be underestimated!

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