Remedies For Diabetes And Blood Sugar Control
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There are herbs and Diet that can help us control the sugar or glucose in our body, which is positive and very important. If you suffer from hypoglycemia or diabetes should know very well what we make and their consequences.

Most medicinal plants usually have several uses and medicinal properties. This is very positive but in case of hypoglycemia (those that are low "sugar") or diabetes, either type 1 (insulin needing people) as type 2 (those with medication regulate their blood sugar) we must be careful.

Some plants like Aloe Vera (Aloe), slippery elm bark, Guar Gum, Glucomannan, Amorphophallus konjac is very rich in a gelatinous substance and that slows the absorption of carbohydrates. Diabetics should take care of their levels of "sugar."

Some plants such as Eucalyptus are often taken for colds and also lower glucose levels.

Also Stevia plant is a natural sweetener that tends to regulate glucose levels. And watch as some diabetics and find the positive surprise that their glucose levels drop.

Others are taken directly to lower levels of "sugar" and are there to watch more. Among the many that there is stress the Travalera, green bean pods, Copalchi, Salvia officinalis, if taken with medications for diabetes can produce a strong hypoglycemia. - Consumption of simple sugars such as table sugar, caramel, honey, jam, chocolate, sweets, cakes and pastries, brown sugar, etc.., anything containing sugar. - Consumption of fruits: fruits contain a sugar called fructose, this type of sugar is also elevated in the blood, if you can eat fruit but what matters is the amount in one shot. You can eat up to three servings of fruit a day and separated in three meals. One serving equals one piece of apple, orange, pear. A half a piece of banana or mango, 2 pieces of plum, guava and a cup of any fruit that is split into squares as papaya, pineapple or watermelon. - Consumption of cereals, legumes and root crops: cereals like maize, rice, wheat, oats etc., Legumes like beans, beans and lentils, and tubers like potatoes and yams contain high amounts of carbohydrates which are composed of many sugars. They can be eaten but moderately.

What if you can do to lower the blood glucose level? • Getting enough fiber: the fiber is obtained without collarless fruit when it is in the form of juice or eating in shell when this is possible, vegetables at every meal and that all grains are whole grains like corn tortillas, bread and graham crackers. • Increase physical activity in all its forms: Make at least 30 minutes of brisk walking a day, not sitting in front of the television or computer monitor over 2 hours straight, always use the stairs instead of lift and if possible walk bike 4 times a week.

Healthy people rarely have any problems, just want to share with you that before taking any herb should always seek advice from your doctor, pharmacist or herbalist. This advice is for everyone but especially for people with hypoglycemia or diabetes. Especially the people who control their level of blood sugar and inject insulin as sometimes you may need to adjust the dose. This actually happens when they already have eaten some food or other.

Finally only comment is also very important presentation or way of taking herbs. So we said that for example the Eucalyptus can control the blood sugar but if we take it as a syrup that would normally contain much honey or sugar, which instead of decreasing our glucose values increase.

This is very important because today we find herbs in capsules, instant powder, extracts, blood, or filters soluble sachets, syrups, etc...

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