Remedies For Hair Care And Herbal Hair Shampoo
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Hair is one of the greatest assets in our life

Home Remedies for Hair Care and Herbal Hair Shampoo:

Hair Shampoo

  1. Egg shampoo: two egg yolks in a glass of hot water. Soak your hairs in the solution and massage it on the scalp and then rinse off it with warm water.

  2. Shampoo of Multani Clay: Immerse 100 gm multani clay in water. After two hours make a paste and apply gently in the hair. Wash the hair after 5-10 minutes in winters with warm water and normal water in summers. If the hair is very dirty do it twice a week, the hair is soft, silky and long. It brings a feeling of freshness and light.

  3. Shampoo of flour of gram pulses: Apply paste of flour of gram pulse made with water on the hair twice a week and wash the hand after an hour. The hair becomes black, dense, clean, shiny and smooth. It also relieves itching or cures boils in the head.

  1. Hair revitalize: put half pound of dried powder of reetha, shikakai and amla in about one liter of water. Remain it soaked for few hours and then boil the mixture and on cooling use it as a shampoo.

Remedies for Hair Care:

  1. A table spoon of castor oil is mixed with the glycerin and a cider vinegar. To this mixture add a baby shampoo or a mild herbal shampoo. Apply this on the scalp and massage gently before rinsing it off after half an hour.

  2. Add a gram of black pepper 100 g of curd and apply on the scalp. Now wash the hair with warm water once a week. The hair is black and beautiful and stops falling.

  3. Eclipta Alba Mix sesame, black, dry emblic myrobalan (amla) and sugar candy in equal quantities all powdered. Take six grams in the morning on an empty stomach daily and drink 250 gm of milk over. Do this treatment in a year, along with the provision of vegetarian food, and not indulge in relational activity.

  4. For graying of hairs, add black sesame and Eclipta Alba in equal quantity, chew one teaspoonful of this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach and drink fresh water over it. Take daily for six months. It is successful for all people over 40.

  5. Gentle massage of olive oil or almond oil is very effective way to support dry hairs.

  6. To prevent hair loss, mash beetroot leaves in heena paste and apply on the head also cures dandruff.

  7. Warm coconut oil 300 gm, 3 gm of black pepper added in it. When it starts boiling stop heating, sieve with a fine cloth and store in a bottle. Massage with your fingers gently into the night.

Immerse peels of lemon in coconut oil for 8-10 days of sunshine. Now sieve and apply on hair. Hair becomes black and shiny.

Important Notice: Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. Please always consult your doctor first.

Tips shampoos and creams

Find always use shampoos and conditioners for the correct type of hair, not washing your hair with hot water. Rinse the shampoo and conditioner do not use the root, rinsing with cold water while the hair is full of cream.

Massage techniques, hydration, and home care

You can make home a bath of cream, if possible ask someone to massage your neck and stretch the wire with the help of a cream for your hair type. After the massage wrap a hot towel on your hair and wait 20 minutes, and then just wash.

Dry your hair around with a towel before using the dryer. You'll save time and prevent further damage to the hair with excessive heat.

To reduce static electricity, dampen your brush before brushing.

Avoid using brush on wet hair, because they make it brittle. Disentangles where necessary.

If your scalp is suffering from flaking, try the following every two weeks: split the hair and put a cotton swab with alcohol topic on the scalp. Let the alcohol dry, and then brush your hair and rinse thoroughly with hot water and no shampoo.

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    Hair is more vulnerable to damage when wet, so it’s important to take care after washing.