Respiratory Diseases And Infant Respiratory Reactions
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Respiratory infection, which causes such as influenza virus or respiratory virus (RSV), are killed each year at least 4.25 million people, while a large proportion of them are children.

Overall, these infections are responsible for six percent of all deaths. Informed the representatives of World Lung Foundation. image

The results published in this report shows that the highest risk of death from respiratory infection risk to people in poor countries. Number of deaths from pneumonia in countries with the lowest incomes up to 215-fold higher than in rich countries. Annually worldwide medical record 156 million cases of the disease, while only 97 percent of them occurring in developing countries.

The European countries have the highest mortality experts on the disease in the UK. Died of pneumonia in 2008 around the world to 1.6 million children, representing only 20 percent of all child deaths. For comparison, the malaria deaths in that year, 732 thousand and 200-thousand AIDS children.

In the same period last year, when it is kept except epidemiologists seasonal and higher incidence of new pandemic influenza AH1N1, this period is characterized by a lower incidence of ARO CHPO six and 27 percent. "Unlike last year, but epidemiologists generally have not seen any so-called case. Swine flu, "said a spokeswoman.

None of the 13 districts of the region not reported local outbreaks or sporadic occurrences of these diseases. The highest number of patients on ARO and the flu is in the districts of Bystrica, Great, Liberty and the Liar Honor. Morbidity is highest in children under five years, followed by pupils in elementary and secondary school students. Complications occurred in 4.1 percent of patients. Influenza or respiratory illness resulting in sinusitis, obits media and pneumonia.

Since the start of an influenza pandemic in Europe was recorded 352 deaths from influenza type A (H1N1) v European Centre for Disease Control in its regularly updated reports, recommendations and reports that no longer track the number of confirmed cases in different countries, since most countries recommends laboratory confirmation of the virus only in selected risk groups and populations. Similarly, WHO has recommended that only verified by the first several hundred cases, after this confirmation number is no longer necessary testing. European Centre will continue to monitor the statistics and report only on cases of deaths in each country.

Scientists also in his report outline the main causes of respiratory infections, which are air pollution in rooms due to cooking and heating with solid fuels and passive smoking. Per year due to infections caused by these factors 1.96 million people die and another 121-thousand in air pollution. WLF leaders are hoping they can convince the government and pharmaceutical companies to invest more in research and development of more effective treatments.

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Respiratory Infection


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