Respiratory Problem Causes And Symptoms And Treatment Of Respiratory Problems
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Respiratory problems are common and most adults have several respiratory infections each year. They are usually minor but can be severe in cases of pneumonia. Upper respiratory problems affecting the ears, nose, sinuses and throat are the most common, and mild to moderate infections of this type may sometimes be treated at home. The following steps will show how to treat respiratory problems naturally.

Drink hot tea or soup. Drinking hot tea or soup is always a great way to get relief from the common cold or cough. This is especially soothing if you are experiencing dry and stubborn cough that seems to be causing some discomfort to your throat. These fluids will encourage productive cough where mucus clogging up your airways can be expelled.

Don't suppress your cough. If you are suffering from cough, then the best way to naturally allow your body to expel whatever it is causing the problem is to keep coughing. Coughing means that your body is trying to expel the bacteria causing the respiratory infection. Suppressing it will only allow the bacteria to keep multiplying and infecting your lungs.

Stay in bed. Getting a lot of bed rest is always helpful in speeding up the healing process. This is extremely helpful for people suffering from serious respiratory conditions.

Use a natural nasal spray. You don't need commercial saline nasal spray to alleviate nasal congestion. You can create the spray solution at home. Mix ¼ tablespoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Pour it in a dropper and shake for a few seconds. Squirt the solution in your nose and you should feel much better with your nasal congestion clearing up a bit. The same solution can be used for sore throat as well. However, you will need to use the solution as mouthwash and not merely spray it.

Breathe fresh air. Most respiratory problems are caused by the dust and elements all around us. People are slowly being deprived of clean oxygen to breathe. This being said, breathing in clean and fresh air can always help fight off respiratory problems. You can do this by visiting the country side where trees and various plants can be found. If this is not possible, then breathing air using an oxygen tank will be the next best thing.

Inhale steam. Another way to clear your lungs and nostrils of congestion is by exposing yourself to steam. Go to the bathroom and close the door. Open the faucet in the tub and let hot water keep running. Sooner or later, steam should fill the room. Stay there for around 30 minutes and keep breathing deeply.

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