Result Of Irregular Bleeding During Periods
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When using the term irregular periods, first to normal menstruation and it is necessary to define the conditions necessary to form. Necessary for a normal menstrual period physiological conditions can be summarized as follows:

• The brain in a healthy way of ovarian stimulation to come, • The stimulation of the ovaries which affect the female hormone estrogen in the ovaries and eggs provide emissions and then the second most important hormone secreting the hormone progesterone to • A normal uterus and genital systems for Pieces bleeding, • Psychologically healthy

Physiological conditions for any reason, the resulting effect is the result of irregular bleeding is called bleeding.

Menstruation, starting with puberty and continuing each month until the menopause years regular bleeding. Normally this time of 3-5 days and 26-32 days is one thing. The bleeding is between 2-4 pads per day is natural. In fact they menstruate regularly every month for the same day they were psychologically in terms of waiting to see pieces of a trend that has caused.

Usually between 21-35 days and 3-7 days of regular bleeding that occur within normal limits may be accepted. The average blood loss in one period is around 35-40 ml. This is usually expressed as a pet can be 3-5 days. Typically 80 are considered as abnormal bleeding. However, the amount of bleeding is normal to determine whether in fact it is not easy. Blood loss due diligence when assessing differences from person to person comment that is blocking the lens.

The first piece and irregular periods during adolescence First bleeding in girls on average are 12-13 years old. One of the first steps is to see a young woman with. However, maturing one or two years of hormonal systems, such as some of the pieces are completed in a period of ovulation occurs without. Therefore, the unit delays puberty and / or customs are common to riding longer than normal.

Sometimes in this period and long-lasting irregular bleeding may be severe enough to require treatment with medication.

Irregularities during fertility: Starting from a certain stage of adolescence becomes regular ovulation and customs into the scheme. This period is the period of women can conceive and continue until menopause. In fact, requiring treatment and irregularities that lead women to a gynecologist mainly in this period is observed.

Irregular periods; delays, searches of bleeding, and that lasts for more than one or less and that may take the form of short riding.

One woman in the whole hormonal system begins operating mechanism from the brain. Ovarian hormones are being produced, the uterus becomes thick walls. On this system starts in the brain mechanisms of all factors, stress, mental problems, seasonal changes, long plane journey, you can affect any one event can change the layout.

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