Rosaiah Govt Defensive Over Telangana On GO 1845
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Rosaiah Govt Defensive Over Telangana On GO 1845

Recently on December 11th this month, the government passed a GO number 1845 regarding the distribution of funds which were allocated by NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). The funds were supposed to be distributed all the districts of Andhra Pradesh for the purpose of the repair of roads in the rural areas.

But the officials blatantly mismanaged the whole issue and formulated the G0 1845. According to this order, around 130 crores were supposed to be given to the Andhra and the Rayalaseema regions while the entire Telangana got just 10 crores. That the funds were not allocated according to the ground reality can be noted by an example.

After the recent floodsin AP, Kurnool in Rayalaseema and Mehaboobnagar district in Telangana were the ones which were severely hit. The roads in these districts needed much repair than any other part of Andhra Pradesh. But Kurnool was alloted 5 crores and Mehaboobnagar just one crore while East Godavari was allocated around 16.5 crores.

The GO is being used as a weapon by the TRS who are bent on showing the Andhra people and the Rosaiah government as villians. Even the TRS president KCR raised this at an interaction with the media today.

But the officials in the secretariat have a different version to offer. They said that the government has just few months back allocated many crores for the repair of the Telangana roads and that is the reason for the low allocation now. Some have even gone to the extent of saying that the allocation is under the surveillance of a Telanganite and this type of allocation was done purposely so that he can give a chance to TRS to show Rosaiah government and the Andhra people in bad light.



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