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Rose Byrne Name: Rose Byrne Birth: July 24, 1979 Birth Place: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Height: 5' 6 Profession: Actress Rose was born on July 24, 1979 in Sydney, Australia. She landed her first role in a movie, Dallas Doll, when she was 12 years old. Over the next few years, Rose appeared in a variety of Australian television series including high school drama Heartbreak High, as well as Echo Point, the short-lived Network Ten challenger to Home and Away.

She also had a number of guest roles in drama series including GP, Big Sky, Wildside and Murder Call. During this period, Rose graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People. She has since commenced an Arts degree at Sydney University.

May 10, 2004 - Rose Byrne ('Briseis' in "Troy"), a Sydney native, has the chameleon-like ability to take on drastically different characters from film to film. With her ethereal beauty, screen presence, and natural talent, she is well on her way to a prosperous Hollywood career. Paul McGuigan, who directs Byrne in "Wicker Park,' describes her as “incredible” and “the best actress [he’s] worked with.”

Byrne travels back and forth between LA and Sydney. When she has a break from filming, she enjoys spending her time reading, hiking, and relaxing at home.


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