Safe And Natural Remedies For Hip Pain That Work
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Hip pain can be very problematic as it can restrict the movement of the body, natural remedies can provide relief and promote smooth and pain free movements. There are many causes for hip pain, the thigh bone known as femur swivels in the socket at hip to join upper and lower torso of the body and provide joint movement. There is some free space in the socket which gets filled with blood and fluid if there is any inflammation, swelling or infection in the joint.

Other structures attached to the joint can also be the source of pain. In most of the cases trauma is the main cause of pain. Though hip pain can be problematic but sometimes referral pain is also experienced in hip like the one in the case of irritated sciatica nerve. Arthritis can also cause hip pain, muscle pull or strained tendons are also commonly found reasons of hip pain.

Not straining the aching part of the hip during the movement, while sitting, getting up or lying is a precautionary measure to avoid aggravation of the pain. The pain might have been caused due to strained muscle or tendon which will get further aggravated if pressure is exerted on it during any activity.

It might appear that hot and cold compresses would not be able to help as pain is deep inside but it is not correct, hot and cold compresses can be very good natural remedy for hip pain though the compressions shall be applied for more duration than for pain in other parts of the body. Gentle massage at the painful area is also helpful, pain relieving gels or creams can also be used for massage. The massage shall be done with sufficient pressure neither too much nor too less. Massage promotes blood flow and cures swelling and relieves strained muscles to relieve the pain.

Care shall be taken while sitting and getting up so that too much pressure is not passed on to the troubling area. While sitting gently folding and unfolding right leg can help if pain is due to minor cramp. Leisurely walk wearing flat soul shoes is also beneficial in promoting blood flow and curing cramps in the hip.

Capsaicin ointment is available as over the counter medicine in the market and is an excellent natural pain relieving cream. This cream is made up of cayenne pepper which slows down the signals of pain getting transferred to brain. Thus a person feels lesser pain or no pain after its application. Though this is not a remedy but relief from pain can help in making movement and increasing comfort.

If a person feels shooting pain which is radiating down towards thighs than this cream can be helpful as such a pain can be caused by irritation of sciatica nerve. Soaking the body below waist in tub filled with warm water and two cups of Epsom salt is also an effective natural remedy to relieve hip pain if caused due to muscle strains or cramps. Epsom salt contains magnesium which is when absorbed by the body through skin relieves such pain. Eating more fruits and vegetable, increased intake of garlic in the diet, using ginger in food as spice or in salad and avoiding red meat and spicy food also works as good remedy for hip pain.

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